Stop the Tyranny, Impeach Walz

Stop the Tyranny, Impeach Walz

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”  ~Patrick Henry


As for our liberties, today’s battle has only just begun. 

Will you join the fight? 

Governor Tim “The Tyrant” Walz and radical Attorney General Keith Ellison have weaponized the government against its own citizens! 

Small business owners -- the backbone of our economy -- are being prevented from earning their livelihoods, thanks to heavy-handed government regulations barring their doors shut. .

Brave patriots like Larvita and Jane have taken a stand against the tyrannical and illegal orders coming from our own elected officials. 

Now, Walz and Ellison are threatening these brave business owners with jail time!

But Larvita and Jane refuse to budge, and the battle is coming to a head.

You see, businesses standing up to these orders is not enough. The tyrant Governor who is threatening these peaceful patriots with prison time must be booted from office.

We must insist that our legislators fulfill their constitutional obligation, and IMPEACH WALZ.

Demand that your legislators fulfill their duty by signing this petition to IMPEACH WALZ at once! 

After you sign, be sure to send this petition to your friends and family -- and leave a generous contribution so we can continue this fight and WIN. 

I am excited to say that your North Star Liberty Alliance (NSLA) is on the verge of an aggressive statewide push to pressure legislators to impeach and end the tyranny of Dictator Walz. 

But your Alliance CANNOT do it without your generous support. 

I need your support to help fuel NSLA’s immediate impeachment plans. Will you send an urgent donation of $20.21, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,000 today? Click here to give >>

Your tireless grassroots efforts have proven effective in the past, as recently as this campaign season. Thousands of calls, advertisements, and flyers were directed at legislators who neglect their duties.

Thanks to your support and donations, NSLA has:

  • Sent out over 28,000 pieces of mail
  • Made over 21,000 calls, and reached tens of thousands of voters prior to election day
  • Brought on 3,499 digital grassroots activists

In total, we were able to inform more than 400,000 voters about these negligent policy-makers. 

These spineless legislators have rubber-stamped Tyrant Tim’s extended unconstitutional orders instead of representing the people. 

With pressure from our grassroots army, legislators like Rob Ecklund FINALLY flipped his vote to END these powers. Thanks to you, Walz is losing support from his strongest defenders in the legislature.

And ahead of the big election this year, your Alliance dug up the worst of the liberal’s records and ensured the voters knew exactly how far-left some of these legislators had gone.

When these far-left radicals could no longer hide behind the ‘moderate’ label voters marched them out of office.

5 of the most radical liberals were given the boot, and Minnesota also earned the conservative champion it needs. 

Fully-informed on his principled conservative pledges by your Alliance, voters ushered Rep-Elect Erik Mortensen into the MN House to lead the charge to stop Walz. 

Mortensen is ready to impeach Walz. Your Alliance is ready to push his fellow legislators to join him. 

The legislature will be meeting very soon. We are close to having the votes we need to end Walz’ powers. 

Tell your legislators that their voters have HAD IT with Governor Walz by SIGNING THIS PETITION. 

As the new year approaches, many of us are ready to leave 2020 behind. With your help, we can leave Governor Walz behind, too.

I cannot stress enough that your contribution is essential to our success in this effort. 

Keep your North Star Liberty Alliance on the front lines in this battle against Walz’ illegal, job-killing lockdowns. 

With your help, we can be done with these tyrannical lockdowns.

Let's have a better 2021 together. 


In Liberty,

Bill Paulsen