Tax Raising Andrew Myers refused to fill out your North Star Liberty Alliance Survey below here pledging to never raise your taxes and he has raised taxes for years as a city council member. Call him at 763-913-4554 and tell him to apologize to taxpayers.

2020 North Star Liberty Alliance Candidate Survey

For each question, please indicate “Yes” or “No,” or answer “Sponsor,” “Co-sponsor” or “No” for those reply options. 

  1. Will you oppose any legislation that prohibits certain energy uses like fossil fuels and required increased use of hydroelectric, solar or other “renewable energy sources”, including the so-called Clean Energy First bill (SF 1456 , HF1405 [2019-20 session])? 

  2. Will you oppose any and all tax and fee increases, including any gas tax increase, or new or increased fees - including fees on pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumers?

  3. The State of Minnesota reinsures health insurers participating in the MNSure marketplace, requiring taxpayer bailouts of a large part of the costs incurred by health insurers.  Will you vote against efforts to fund and extend this program? 

  4. Will you oppose adding a government run option to the MNSure exchange?

  5. Will you support legislation to abolish the Met Council and return its powers to the people, elected municipal and county governments and the legislature?

  6. Would you oppose any and all Red Flag gun seizure bills even if there is a prohibition using ex parte hearings to issue a Red Flag order? 

  7. Will you support legislation that would allow school vouchers and school tax credit to enable families to send their children to non-public schools? 

  8. Will you oppose the Quie Amendment and all efforts to give an unelected committee control over who can be a judge?

  9. Will you support eliminating the emergency powers that Governor Walz used as justification to shutdown businesses and impose his “Stay at Home” lockdown orders?

  10. Will you support a Constitutional Carry bill to enable anyone legally allowed to carry a weapon, either concealed or openly, without first paying a fee to obtain government permission, as is already the law in many states?

  11. Will you oppose a Debt Bill, also known as a  bonding bill, that will increase the amount of debt carried by the State of Minnesota saddled on the backs of future generations?