The Danger of Complacency

The Danger of Complacency

Tim Walz has big plans to spending your money.  Despite a $1.5 billion surplus, he wants billions in tax increases -- higher gas taxes, higher sales taxes, higher car registration taxes -- the list goes on.

This is expected from Walz.  He has record of voting for big government, providing one of the decisive votes to push through ObamaCare while in Congress. The greatest risk though to stopping Walz’s spending spree is complacency.  The Republicans have a two vote majority in the State Senate. Relying on this to stop a tax increase is deadly.

The last time the gas tax was increased by the legislature, the margin of victory was provided by Republicans.  One of those Republicans - Jim Abeler - who voted for that hike is now in the State Senate.

To make matters worse, at least one Senate Republican - Jason Rarick - recently said he would be open to a compromise that would increase gas taxes.  The presence of Senators Abeler and Rarick in the Republican caucus supposedly holding the line against a tax increase shows that the possibility of passing a tax increase is very real unless the politicians hear from YOU.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition to oppose any and all taxes increases.  Tell your legislators today we do not need more taxes and more spending by a bloated state government.