Tim Walz the Taxman

Tim Walz the Taxman

At the center of Tim Walz’s bloated budget proposal are $11 billion in tax increases supposedly required to pay for transportation projects.  The biggest one is a 70% increase in the state gas tax (from 28 cents a gallon to 48 cents a gallon) - with the goal of grabbing $6 billion more from the tax payers over the next decade.  This would make Minnesota’s gas tax the fourth highest in the country.

But Walz’s tax increases do not stop there.  He is also demanding billion more by

  1. Increasing your annual motor vehicle registration fees.
  2. Hiking the motor vehicle sales tax from 6.5% to 6.875%.  The tax will now amount $1375 on a relatively modest $20,000 vehicle.
  3. Increasing the sales tax in the Twin Cities metro by ⅛ of percent to 7% to pay for new transit projects.

And this does not even cover tax increases related to other areas - Including a $1 billion tax over the next few years on medical providers.

Walz is demanding all these new taxes while the state as SURPLUS.  The state is already expected to collect $1.5 billion more this budget cycle then it will spend despite having a budget exceeding $83 billion !!!

We do not need more taxes. We are already taxed too much (that is what a budget surplus is -- a situation where the politicians collected more in taxes than they could think of to spend).

CLICK HERE to sign the petition to oppose and all taxes increases.  Tell your legislators today we do not need more taxes and more spending by a bloated state government.