Vaccine Mandates Quickly Spreading Across MN

Vaccine Mandates Quickly Spreading Across MN

Image obtained from Reuters

For those who value medical freedom, it is sad to see support for vaccine mandates spread across the state of Minnesota.


It is clear that businesses and governments alike will use the rushed FDA approval of the COVID-19 vaccine to implement more and more mandates. We have already seen federal and state employees required to take the vaccine, now it seems more businesses and schools will be doing the same.


Restaurants like Hark Cafe in Minneapolis will begin requiring proof of vaccination in order to dine in. Employers like the Mayo Clinic have begun to mandate vaccines for workers, while schools like the University of Minnesota have begun mandating them for students. 


The general public has now had access to the covid-19 vaccine since March. If you ever planned on being inoculated, you probably would have done so by now. Forcing them on people is not humane, and must be stopped.



Governor Walz is applauding efforts to mandate the vaccines, and will continue to do so unless he is kept in check. Sign the petition to Impeach Walz for his abuses of power, before he is able to mandate vaccines for everyone and once again locks down Minnesota!