Walz Admits To Constitutional Rights Violation

Walz Admits To Constitutional Rights Violation

Governor Tim Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison have finally admitted to what we knew all along… The unilateral executive orders coming from Walz’ desk were inherently unconstitutional.


By ordering churches to close last year, Walz clearly violated the 1st amendment right to freely assemble. This is the case that the Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC) made in their lawsuit against Walz. Despite Radical Keith Ellison’s attempt to shoot it down on March 30th, the proceedings continued.


Knowing that they would lose in Court, Walz and Ellison decided to settle and admit that the executive order regulating churches was unconstitutional. This means that Walz can no longer apply his ridiculous capacity limits to houses of worship.


Despite liberal-appointed judges ruling the courts across Minnesota, Walz was served his first defeat on his overreaching executive orders.


It is incredibly important to note that Governor Walz is now admitting that his actions were unconstitutional. Despite this victory, there are still students, small business owners, and long-term care occupants that have to see justice for the horrible directives that Tyrant Tim Walz has instituted.


Walz must be impeached for his conduct, and the North Star Liberty Alliance is leading the charge on getting legislators on board. So far, Representatives Munson and Drazkowski have signed on to Representative Mortensen’s Articles of Impeachment against the Governor. If you are not represented by the aforementioned legislators, your voice on this issue is not being heard.


Contact your State Representative now, and ask them why they will not sign on to Articles of Impeachment. Do not let them give you the typical political workaround. This effort is about bringing accountability back to the governor’s mansion and giving the legislature back their duty to legislate.