Walz In Debate: Wide Open To Mandating Jab For Kids To Go To School

Walz In Debate: Wide Open To Mandating Jab For Kids To Go To School

Ever since March 2020, progressives and politicians alike have been fighting against your human rights. Chief among those rights is the right to decide what goes into your body. Ever since the release of the Covid-19 vaccine, people like Tyrant Tim Walz have been doing everything they can to abolish your human rights, now it appears Walz might be eyeing attacking more of our kids’ rights as well.


As reported by Alpha News, at a debate earlier this week, Tim Walz was asked if he would support forcing the Covid-19 vaccine on children that attend public school. During this week's debate, a hot-button question came up: Will you pledge to acquire Covid vaccines for children to attend school? 


This question comes not long after the CDC’s Advisory Committee On Immunization Practices, voted last month to add the experimental Covid-19 Vaccine to the “recommended immunization schedules” for children six months or older. If you want a more in-depth explanation of this, you can brush up here on our previous article. 


In classic Tim Walz fashion, he mumbled to himself for a minute and then deflected any accountability. Tim Walz might lie but his record won’t. For years Tim Walz has not been afraid to crack down and push a pro-jab agenda to the adults of Minnesota. It’d be even easier for Walz to tell kids to get the shot because unlike us adults children can't stand up for themselves, which is the exact reason why we need to be the ones to defend the next generation. 


If mandated, it would not only be against the human rights of our children but also According to an Alpha News report citing the Minnesota Department of Health: “…only 3.5% of children between six months and four years old have received a completed vaccine series.” meaning a lot of already perfectly fine children would be forced jabbed at the same time and without good reason.


This is once again a great time to bring up school choice. School Choice is where the taxes you pay for school follow your kids, so you can choose where they learn and grow. Tim Walz doesn’t know what’s best for children, he only knows what's best for his donors and his reelection. Parents know what’s best for their children and deserve the right to choose where their kids learn and if they should get a Covid-19 shot or not.


Choose freedom. Choose vaccine choice for children and school choice for parents.