Walz Looking At Forced Vaccines?

Walz Looking At Forced Vaccines?

Governor Tim Walz just gave a speech this past Sunday and I swear it was like a bad movie.


But instead of becoming the hero, Gov. Walz loves to play his part -- the villain.


In a sick attempt to manipulate Minnesotans, Walz abused his State of the State address to spread fear and plead for more power. Tyrant Tim warned that “variants” of COVID-19 are around the corner and that Minnesotans must continue to be careful. 


Clearly Walz is chomping at the bit to make vaccines mandatory by executive order -- a clear infringement of your civil liberties! If his fear of variants is recognized through the eyes of U of M Epidemiologist Dr. Osterholm, Minnesota will be locked down again any minute! Read more here.


This has to stop, and that’s why I’m glad to stand with folks who have a plan to strip Walz of his power. As Minnesota’s most powerful network of liberty-loving citizens anxious to protect our property, our prosperity and our freedoms under the Constitution, North Star Liberty Alliance is placed at the tip of the spear.


If you remember, NSLA launched our Roadmap in January with an aggressive grassroots mobilization program with a mission to:


  • Organize to strip away the governor’s Emergency Powers and END the Emergency Powers Statute: NSLA has been calling out bad legislators who REFUSE to end Governor Walz’ Emergency Powers from the very beginning. Back in March of 2020, only a few handfuls of legislators voted to restore the separation of powers. Thanks to some grassroots pressure, every Republican in the House is now on board.


  • Stop forced vaccinations: Just the thought of Liberty-Lovers like yourself coming down hard on these politicians for even daring to do this has kept them at bay, but it won’t forever. My team has already called out Rep Eric Lucero for allowing Real ID to pass, creating the first steps for a Vaccine Passport in Minnesota. This stuff is all over the news, just Google it.


  • Stop tax hikes pushed by greedy politicians: Despite support from politicians, the media, and unions, The North Star Liberty Alliance waged a successful campaign against Governor Walz’ radical Gas Tax increase and called out complicit politicians. You can be sure that I’ll do everything in my power to stop Walz’ current tax raise scheme he's proposed.


Below are just a few examples of our ads calling out tax and spend politicians! Some of which got the boot from liberty-loving voters:



As you can see, this is a mix of Republicans and Democrats. We don't discriminate in calling out anti-liberty legislators. 


  • Expose RINO (Republicans in Name Only) politicians: we are informing the public on who is pro-liberty, and who is anti-liberty (ESPECIALLY the Fakers!) in the form of mailers, phone calls, emails, digital ads and more. Pushback from the establishment only means that the pressure is working. 


  • Impeach Walz: He needs to be held accountable for his criminal and corrupt conduct by pushing his illegal and unconstitutional edicts. An update is below.  


Your Alliance will continue to do all of these things and more! But I cannot do it without the resources needed to put up our best fight.


Pitch in to NSLA right away, and watch your gift turn into political ammunition in the fight against anti-liberty laws. Give $50, $25, $10, or whatever you can afford in this fight!




The program is in full swing!


The grassroots campaign highlighting negligent politicians continues. Our group has been exposing phony “conservatives” who claim to stand for liberty but are unwilling to sign on to the Impeachment of Tim Walz for his illegal and unconstitutional edicts!


Our first target is Representative Eric Lucero. We sent mailers to THOUSANDS of people of his district, informing them of his bad actions in the past and his refusal to co-author Impeachment! Here is one of the targeted advertisements that we have been running:



We have matched that with THOUSANDS of phone calls to the people in his district.


You see, Rep Lucero is just the start. Because of your awesome contributions, we are expanding this program. Next week, I’ll be revealing our next wave of the campaign against legislators who refuse to stand up to Governor Walz. 


Unfortunately, these ads do not run themselves! I need the resources from our grassroots supporters to maximize our pressure campaign. 


Help us expand our reach by giving to the North Star Liberty Alliance. Give $50, $25, $10, or whatever you can afford at the moment to help make Impeachment happen!


Don’t let bad politicians off the hook for refusing to stand up to Walz. Their job is to represent you! NOT the man who has had complete and total control of Minnesota for the past year!


When we get all of our mailers deployed, all of our phone calls made, all of our digital ads are up, and more, legislators will have a choice to either listen to what their constituents demand or thumb their nose at them. Your Alliance is pushing hard to give Impeachment the vote it deserves. But it all counts on patriots like you stepping up to make this quest for liberty campaign possible.