Walz Makes His Demands For Special Session; Refuses To Ban Mandates

Walz Makes His Demands For Special Session; Refuses To Ban Mandates

On Friday, Governor Walz sent legislative leaders a letter laying out his demands for a special session to divvy up $250 million in taxpayer dollars for frontline workers. Many activists have seen this special session as an opportunity for the Republican-held senate to force a vote on banning vaccine mandates and firing the disastrous Health Commissioner, Jan Malcolm.


In Walz’ letter, he makes clear that he wants no such votes to be taken. In fact, he demands that the only topics of discussion include the $250 million frontline workers pay bill, a bailout for “drought relief”, and another COVID-19 bailout bill.




Knowing how squishy Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller is, he very well may accept the demands handed down from King Walz. This is where activists like you come in.


Even if Senator Miller agrees to these terms, he cannot speak for his entire caucus. It only takes one member of the senate to force a vote on a bill or resolution. That’s why you must call and email Senate Republicans and demand that they force a roll call vote on banning vaccine mandates and firing Jan Malcolm.


Representative Mortensen already has language drafted for a proper vaccine mandates ban, which any Senator can easily adopt at a moment's notice. The amendment text can be found and shared here.


Below is a directory of all Senate Republicans. Call and email each and every one of them, demanding that they take action to stop President Biden’s radical vaccine mandate. 




If you only have a few minutes, please take the time to contact Senators Paul Gazelka and Michelle Benson. These two sitting senators are running for governor, and have talked a big game on health freedom. Now is their chance to either prove themselves, or once again disappoint activists. Give them a call and demand that they stop vaccine mandates and fire Jan Malcolm. 


Senator Paul Gazelka:


[email protected]

Senator Michelle Benson: 


[email protected]