Walz Slams On More Lockdowns Destroying People & Businesses Further

Walz Slams On More Lockdowns Destroying People & Businesses Further


Governor Walz is beginning to feel the heat from business owners. More than 200 businesses have committed to protecting their livelihoods and serving their community by opening up their businesses by Friday. 


After delaying his decision twice, Tyrant Tim announced that he will CONTINUE his lockdowns through at least January 10th. In a pathetic attempt to toss some crumbs at the hospitality industry, restaurants will be “allowed” to serve outdoor seating at 50% capacity - with temperatures in the teens. This guy is nuts.


It's an understatement to say that many business owners are disappointed. They are furious - as they should be. The Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association calls Walz’ announcement “shameful” and “unjust”.

Walz’ new lockdown does not change anything. Businesses are closing forever. Families and their budgets are being destroyed! The legislature needs to End Emergency Powers. His announcement feels like he’s toying with people. Rubbing in the fact that the legislature hasn’t ended his emergency powers, so he can do whatever he wants with no repercussions.


Prove Walz wrong. 


Tell your legislator what is on your mind!  Remind them that they alone have the power to end this lockdown, and set our economy back on the right track. 


Find out who represents you and give them a call!