Walz Peddles A Longer Leash; Ready To Pull The Choke Chain

Walz Peddles A Longer Leash; Ready To Pull The Choke Chain

It appears “Tyrant” Tim Walz is starting to feel the pressure from the people of Minnesota. 


In an attempt to appease struggling business owners, Walz announced today that he will ease restrictions on businesses. Most notably, “allowing” bars and restaurants to seat customers at 50% capacity. 


Governor Walz can take his 50% capacity and shove it. Business owners aren’t looking for partial control of their business, they are looking for their right to fully own and operate their business! This is a slap in the face to the very principles that our nation stands for. 


Walz has attributed the partial reopen to his “pause”, forcing the lockdown of bars, restaurants, gyms, and movie theaters. He says that COVID numbers have dropped enough to justify the reopen, though provides little to no real evidence to back up his claims. 


All this means is that Walz is not ready to give up his unconstitutional emergency powers. He’s ready for another excuse to lock down the economy and kill more jobs in the process. Ask our friends across the pond, who are entering another lockdown justified by a new strain of COVID-19. 


This “longer leash” he’s putting businesses on does not give them the relief they need. Remember that Walz has been putting businesses through the wringer for the better part of a year. Hundreds of businesses around the state are gone forever, and more are likely to follow suit because of him.


When will government realize that people can live their own lives and make their own decisions?


Don’t let him get away with this illegal and immoral lockdown. 


Help us convey the message to legislators at the Capitol. Minnesotans have had enough of "Tyrant" Tim, and his overreaching orders. 


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