Walz Re-Naming the Gas Tax to Hoodwink Opponents: Will It Work?

Walz Re-Naming the Gas Tax to Hoodwink Opponents: Will It Work?

Remember back in June when Governor Tim Walz said that he expects Republicans to be on board in 2020 with a Gas Tax increase?

Thanks to your outcry over such a statement, Walz's plea to Republicans has fallen on deaf ears at least for the moment.

But now Walz is re-naming the Gas Tax a 'Debt Service Fee' to try to make this issue less toxic and perhaps more palatable for Republican Senators.

Is it '1984?' Does Walz think we are going to fall for this double-speak?

Alpha News is reporting that Walz Administration MnDOT Commissioner Margaret Kelliher is pitching a 12 to 15 cent per gallon gas tax hike to regional newspapers across Minnesota.

The article notes Walz's full-court press for a Gas Tax Hike:

"The Walz administration continues to put the pedal to the metal in its relentless determination to take another run at passing a huge gas tax increase in the 2020 legislative session. The governor’s attempt this year to impose a whopping 20 cent per gallon gas tax hike–70 percent–went nowhere..."

-Alpha News, MnDOT Commissioner Pushes Big Gas Tax Increase. (10/18/19).

So not only do they want to hike our taxes, they want to use some of the tax revenue to pay down debt for the sole purpose of being able to plunge Minnesota into EVEN MORE DEBT!

This is like using one credit card to pay off another credit card -- and Minnesotans are stuck with the bill!

Not surprisingly, the drive-by media is falling all over themselves to support the Gas Tax Hike and endless debt.

And beyond taking on more public debt, the DFLers and the Walz Administration want to divert funding away from roads in favor of bike paths and mass transit schemes.

Do we really need more bike lanes and light rail?

I don't know about you, but I would rather see our government stick to fixing potholes.

They seem to have enough trouble trying just to do that.

Time and time again the numbers tell the story that mass transit schemes are costly, inefficient and almost always run at a perpetual loss.

If we want to STOP a Gas Tax Hike in 2020 we must take action now:

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No Gas Tax Hike in 2020!

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The 2020 legislative session will convene soon and to replicate last year's victory, we will need all hands on deck.

We need to send a clear message to St. Paul on the Gas Tax hike: "No Means No!"

Let's not forget that last year St. Paul politicians made the Sick Tax permanent.

They may not have raised Gas Taxes last year, but they DID RAISE TAXES!

Don't let any Minnesota politician tell you different!

They also increased spending across the board.

So why in the world should we tolerate them turning around the very next year to try to hike the Gas Tax in 2020?

We cannot let that happen.

Please forward this email to friends and family in Minnesota.

The more people across our state that we can engage in this fight, the better chance we have at defeating the Gas Tax Hike again in 2020.

But it all starts with you.

Are you in?

For Freedom,

Bill Paulsen
North Star Liberty Alliance

P.S. The Minnesota Post just reported that people can't even afford to die in Minnesota!

County governments across our state are struggling to deal with a growing problem of people who die without any means to pay for their burial expenses.

What does that say about Minnesota?

We can do better!

But right now St. Paul politicians want to make things worse:

1. They want an AOC-Inspired Radical Green New Deal for Minnesota.
2. Governor Walz still wants his Gas Tax Hike.
3. Senate Republicans folded this past session to make the Sick Tax permanent.
4. Both parties have agreed to BILLIONS in spending hikes we can't afford.

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