Walz’ Surplus Proposal Is An Insult

Walz’ Surplus Proposal Is An Insult

It turns out that Minnesota has once again over-taxed its citizenry. Governor Tim Walz wants to spend most of the $7.7 billion budget surplus ($10 billion when you factor in the rainy day fund) while offering crumbs back to the taxpayers.

Walz offers a measly $700 million refund, which comes out to roughly $175 per taxpayer. A far cry from how much you and I were overtaxed. The Governor is only offering up a tiny refund so that he can keep voters at bay. At the same time, he wants to waste the remaining $7 billion.

Walz is trying to buy voters off not only to keep their extra tax dollars but also to make them forget about his overreaching executive edicts throughout 2020 and 2021. What an insult!

Governor Walz and your legislators need to give back the whole surplus. Reach out to your State Senators and State Representatives and tell them to give the ENTIRE surplus back to taxpayers.