Walz To Extend Emergency Powers Again

Walz To Extend Emergency Powers Again

(Above: Walz at his press conference on COVID restrictions. Image obtained from FOX 9)

In preparation for what “experts” are describing as a third COVID-19 surge in Minnesota, Governor Walz will be re-upping his emergency powers for another 30 days. Despite his eagerness to hold on to his powers, he claims that Minnesota is in “a holding pattern”, and that he will neither add nor lift restrictions. 


Keep in mind that Walz has lied to the people of Minnesota in the past. Tyrant Tim and his administration were among the many who touted restrictions for “15 days to slow the spread”. Those 15 days very quickly turned into more than a year. Though he might be lying about his lockdown intentions, he has mentioned that his mask mandate will be among the last things to go, even as many other states have begun repealing them


If Walz has the power to shut things down again, why wouldn’t he? He clearly believes that there are no repercussions for his actions -- leftists are eating up his tyranny! Legislators must act now to repeal his economy-crushing executive powers before he sends us into a summer of turmoil. 


Walz has done enough damage already. Just last year, he put hundreds out of business, forced people to stay at home, prevented needed medical procedures, and sued anyone who dared defy him. He does not need to keep this power, and he must be Impeached. 


The North Star Liberty Alliance is leading the charge on Impeachment. Have you and your friends signed on to the Impeachment petition?