What Walz’ New PAC Fails To Mention

What Walz’ New PAC Fails To Mention

The 2022 gubernatorial election in Minnesota is beginning to heat up. A new PAC called Leadership Matters MN has begun taking out ads in support of Governor Walz. When you go to their website, you’ll mostly see a collection of videos that talk about the “hard decisions” and “investments” Walz has made.



Conveniently, this PAC fails to mention all of Walz’ blatant missteps and outright tyrannical edicts. Some of these decisions include:


  • Suspending “nonessential” business operations via executive order
  • Suspending “elective” surgeries via executive order
  • Closing houses of worship (later ruled unconstitutional)
  • Forcing COVID-19 patients into long-term care facilities
  • Buying a $7 million COVID-19 morgue which has yet to be used
  • Enforcing a statewide mask mandate
  • Clinging on to his ability to write “law” for over a year
  • Bribing Minnesotans to get the COVID-19 vaccine with their own tax dollars


All of these things and more have created a vastly different Minnesota, and not for the better. Thanks to Walz, many of our community businesses, churches, friends and family are gone for good. It’s no wonder this PAC is putting out ads for Tyrant Tim, he’s going to need all the help he can get come next year!


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