2020 Rundown and What's ahead

2020 Rundown and What's ahead


As this year draws to a close, I wanted to share two things.


First, from my household to yours, thank you for all that you’ve done this year. I hope you and your family enjoy a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Second, the hard work and generous contributions that you and thousands of other Minnesotans have invested in protecting our liberty this year has reaped dividends.


As you know, your Alliance has been at the frontlines of the hottest fights this year.


From holding back the tide of Socialism during the January legislative session, to fighting Walz’ lockdowns tooth and nail, rallying patriots and legislators to impeach Gov. ‘Tyrant’ Tim Walz, and our vital effort to expose the liberal’s atrocious record to voting Minnesotans, we’ve won battles and mobilized liberty loving patriots.


Here is just a quick recap of your Alliance’s work this year:


North Star Liberty Alliance (NSLA) deployed over 28,000 pieces of mail to stop anti liberty legislation in its tracks and expose anti liberty candidates' horrible records during our voter information campaign

Over 21,000 calls were dialed, tens of thousands of voters were contacted, and the results became clear to St. Paul’s policy and in the voice Minnesotans raised across the state.

5 Liberals were booted from their seats in the House of Representatives during the General election. 

Your alliance was exposing the records of liberals in key Minnesota districts and apparently the voters of Minnesota did not approve.

Online, NSLA  has been aggressive in expanding our digital reach, and this year NSLA efforts with 61,691 pairs of eyes each week on average. That’s 3,200,000 for the year.

The ranks of our online grassroots army swelled adding exactly 3,499 new activists


These are successes worth celebrating!


But our work isn’t over yet.


Walz Impeachment Update


The Walz impeachment must move forward in January, and I’m sure you’ve already heard the good news. Newly-elected representative Erik Mortensen declared he’s filing impeachment papers against Walz once he’s given his oath of office and taken his seat in St. Paul.


North Star insiders report more conservative representatives will join the play to boot Walz from the governorship once and for all, but they’ll need all the ammunition they can get their hands on.


I am planning a full-scale mobilization to push the Walz impeachment and finally end these economy-crushing lockdowns. At the break of the new year, your Alliance is pulling all the stops to get this done.


But this effort will take tremendous resources.


And coming hot on the heels of our extensive fights to combat Walz’ lockdowns and expose liberals’ records leading up to the November election, we’re in dire need of emergency funds.


Your Alliance must raise an additional $18,000 to support our immediate needs to fund an all-out push to Impeach Walz.


I am looking for your support to help fuel our immediate impeachment plans. Can you please send an urgent donation of $20.20, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,000 today? Click here to give!


Please end the year by pitching in your most generous gift. I would not ask for this amount unless I knew we already had the plans to put it to good use. And on the eve of a fight of this magnitude, your efforts will truly make an impact. So please pitch in your most generous gift to fund the Walz impeachment effort right away


Can you please send an urgent donation of $20.20, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,000 today? Click here to give!


Every last bit helps, and we must start the New Year strong to make this fight a success.


For Freedom,

Bill Paulsen