Petition to Enact the Minnesota Stand Your Ground Bill

To my State Legislators and the Governor of Minnesota:

Whereas: The individual right to self-defense is one of the most basic human rights; and

Whereas: This fundamental right is so foundational to our liberties that it was codified in the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment; and

Whereas: Minnesotans should be able to exercise their right to self-defense WITHOUT fear of prosecution or bankruptcy; and

Whereas: Under current Minnesota law, gun owners can be sued by their attackers or prosecuted simply for defending themselves or others against violent attack; and

Whereas: Current Minnesota law fails to protect you from civil suits, even if you survive an attack on you or your family’s life, making it easy to force you to spend thousands of dollars defending yourself in court; and 

Whereas: A Minnesota Stand Your Ground law would codify people's right to self-defense WHEREVER you have the legal right to be.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: To protect individual freedom and the right of self-defense for Minnesotans and their families, we urge you to both cosponsor and seek roll call votes on the Minnesota Stand Your Ground bill and oppose all weakening amendments.

Will you sign?