Another Day, Another Government Program Defrauded

The FBI has charged 48 individuals who allegedly abused the Minnesota Department of Education’s Covid-19 free meal program. It is believed that the individuals worked for the nonprofit Feeding Our Future, which allegedly stole at least $250 million in Federal Funds.


US Attorney for Minnesota Andrew Luger says that this could be the largest Covid-19 funding scam in the nation, according to MPR News.


It is alleged that the nonprofit group generated fake names and registered them under Minnesota’s food program, taking in millions of dollars that were used to line the pockets of the group’s executives.


Charged individuals included Abdi Salah and Sharmarke Issa, the former being a policy advisory for Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Fry, and the latter being the former chair of the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority. These bureaucrats knew the flaws in Minnesota’s welfare system and likely knew how to exploit them. 


The Minnesota Senate released a report last week alleging that the Department of Education knew of these fraudulent claims, yet refused to take action.


If any one of these individuals is convicted of the crime, it will prove that the Minnesota State Government is perhaps the most irresponsible of the 50 states in the union. Facing re-election in less than two months, Governor Walz will need to explain his administration’s epic failure. 

More Waste, Fraud & Abuse In MN State Government

The MN Senate Education Finance and Policy Committee released a horrifying report on the Department of Education’s (MDE) conduct on Monday. The short three-page audit of the state’s free food covid policy found that the state could have allowed for upwards of $48 million in fraudulent claims.


The senate committee claims that MDE violated state and federal laws by relaxing restrictions and safety measures to prevent fraud. The word “fraud” is used an eye-popping 18 times in the short three-page report. 


It seems as though the MDE was made aware of thousands of fraudulent claims in the distribution of free meals but failed to take action. The report notes that the MDE believed it would lose any challenge to the fraud in the courts, so it allowed the fraud to continue. 


The report notes that this could be the nation's most prominent misuse of pandemic funds. 


This is not the first time that the Minnesota State Government has allowed money to be stolen from taxpayers. In 2018, media outlets reported that more than $100 million in Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) funds were stolen and funneled into foreign terrorist organizations.


Of course, the media talked about the issue briefly before sweeping it under the rug. Chances are, the same will be true for the abuse of generous covid welfare programs.


You can contact your state legislators here, and demand that they take action on this abuse of taxpayer dollars.

Little Energy Surrounding Walz Booth at MN State Fair

The Great Minnesota Get-Together comes for two weeks once a year, allowing Minnesotans from all across the state to gather and enjoy food, rides, and more. Ending on Labor Day, the Minnesota State Fair gave an exciting look into the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.


Governor Tim Walz – who has been heavily criticized for his excessive use of emergency powers during the COVID-19 pandemic – is up for re-election and will face Republican Scott Jensen. At the fair, momentum was clearly not in favor of Governor Walz.


Pictures taken throughout the fair show a minuscule presence at the Walz booth. A Twitter video shared by Rebecca Brannon shows that Walz volunteers could not even get a busy crowd to take one of his buttons.



In contrast, Action 4 Liberty’s “Dump Walz” booth regularly had long lines with eager voters looking to get a “Walz Failed” fan and drawstring bag. To top it off, a plane flying above the fairgrounds towed a banner with the same slogan.



Walz’ Republican opponent also had a respectable showing at his booth. Jensen could be found at his booth every day of the fair, while Walz appears to have only been present once or twice. Apparently, he has better things to do than engage with voters.


While booth attendance does not give a good measure of voter turnout, it shows that voters are furious with Governor Walz. Minnesotans have had enough of the lockdowns, mandates, taxes, and gaslighting that has come with Walz' administration. Many at the fair have said "It's time for a change."

Leftist Reporter: Keeping kids out of school had no effect on COVID-19 rates

Leftist politicians and activists cheered the closing of schools and the maltreatment of students in 2020 and 2021. Now, many are realizing just how meaningful their actions were. Minnesota testing scores released last week confirmed that math and reading scores have declined throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns. 


Even leftist reporter J. Patrick Coolican notes this tragedy by establishing what we knew all along; “Keeping kids out of school had no effect on COVID-19 rates."


Students are now years behind in reading and math proficiency. The State of Minnesota says that reading proficiency dropped from 59% to 51%, while math proficiency dropped from 55% to 45%. No wonder parents have begun pulling their kids out of public schools en masse.


What is the left’s solution to these disparities? Throwing money at the problem. These activist legislators want to use the taxpayer budget surplus for more school funding. In reality, no dollar amount will fix a fundamentally broken system.


Coolican also admits that his hero, Governor Tim Walz, has not done enough to address this issue. It’s not secret that Walz works at the behest of Education Minnesota – the state’s teacher’s union – to earn political favors.


If this group had its way, students would still be stuck in zoom classes. Luckily, parents said enough is enough.


Education is only one of the areas where Tim Walz has failed. Even leftist reporters like J. Patrick Coolican know it. 

Politicians Call for Special Session to Spend Surplus


Now that the contentious August 9th primary election has come and gone, legislators have voiced their support for a special legislative session to spend the remaining $9.25 Billion surplus.


Both House Speaker Melissa Hortman and Minority Leader Kurt Daudt expressed public support for a special session to doll out taxpayer funds, with Senators Pratt, Nelson, and Bakk also showing interest. This public statement only comes after Daudt and Pratt fended off primary challenges.


The Mankato Free Press reports that the majority of the Republican legislators who favor a special session do so for the sole purpose of passing a large debt bill (more commonly known as bonding bills) and spending money from the Federal government on a plethora of infrastructure projects. 


The DFLers, on the other hand, tell the Free Press that they wish to return the surplus to taxpayers. This likely falls in line with Governor Walz’ proposal, which only returns the surplus in small increments – leaving the rest to be spent on pet projects.


If a special session were to happen, it should be for the sole purpose of returning the surplus to the people! Republicans in the Senate have a lot of leverage at the negotiating table, as they hold the majority. Give Senate Majority Leader a call and demand that he give the taxpayer surplus back to the people.


Jeremy Miller


[email protected]

RINOs Put on Notice

Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney lost the Republican Nomination for Wyoming’s lone congressional seat on Tuesday night. She was dethroned by Trump-endorsed candidate Harriet Hageman. This momentous defeat should be a warning sign for Anti-Liberty politicians everywhere.


Cheney is the daughter of former Vice-President Dick Cheney, who has gained a reputation for being a war hawk. Like her father, Cheney has long advocated for entangling the United States in foreign conflicts during her time in congress. Cheney was put under the public spotlight for her vote to impeach former President Donald Trump in 2021.


Her three-term voting record is a monstrosity. She consistently advocated for bigger government and bigger spending, which drew the ire of Liberty-lovers across the nation. Her loss on Tuesday is just a symptom of a shifting political climate.


Here in Minnesota, voters tossed several left-leaning Republicans to the curb in the August 9th primary. Among these notable legislators includes Bob Loonan, who lost his third straight primary against Liberty-Legislator Representative Erik Mortensen. Loonan had gained a reputation of a moderate Republican, one that voters of his district firmly rejected.


State Representative Tony Jurgens also lost his primary on August 9th. He had sought to upgrade to the newly drawn Senate District 41, but was denied by a more conservative outsider candidate.


The message is clear. People do not want politicians who fail to keep their campaign promises -- they want statesmen who fight for the principles of liberty. The existence of career politicians is a shame for liberty-lovers, because chances are they have not accomplished what they were elected to do. 


The 2022 primary season should serve as a warning to those who ignore their constituent's demands. The people want legislators of principle, not fence-sitters. The more people that make their voices heard in elections, the worse it gets for establishment legislators. 

DFL Senator Faces No Repercussions For Scandal

Freshman State Senator Omah Fateh – a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist – easily won the DFL nomination for Senate District 62 last Tuesday. Fateh led his primary challenger by over 21 percentage points. His definitive victory comes after a series of scandals that prompted an investigation from the Minnesota Senate.


Fateh first won his seat in 2020 after defeating incumbent DFLer Jeff Hayden, shifting the ownership of the seat further to the left. Earlier this year, Fateh was accused of failing to disclose a conflict of interest regarding funding he proposed for a group that promoted his 2020 campaign.


Somali TV – a group that promotes Somali culture and politics in the Twin Cities area – ran a campaign ad on behalf of Fateh but failed to include a campaign disclaimer. After being elected, Fateh authored legislation that would have granted the organization $500,000 for its continued production. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that this looks fishy.


Fateh explains that he had paid Somali TV for airing his advertisement, despite his failure to file this expenditure with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board. 


His campaign has also been accused of mishandling primary ballots in his 2020 election. Stemming from concerns that his campaign may have attempted to cheat their way to victory.


The Minnesota Senate Ethics Subcommittee dismissed the majority of the complaints against Fateh, with exception of the failure to file his campaign expenditure to Somali TV. Despite the dismissal of these complaints, it should be noted that Fateh had little to no regard for the laws and structures that allowed him to win his election in the first place.


DFL primary voters also dismissed these concerns by overwhelmingly re-nominating Fateh with 60.65% of the vote. These voters would rather keep their far-left representation than nominate someone who obeys the Constitution they swore to. This comes as no surprise, as DFLers also overwhelmingly re-nominated Tim Walz for Governor.


Transparency is critical for a functioning government. Unfortunately, this transparency will not exist if voters do not demand it. Fateh will get away with his shenanigans, as his district is considered a DFL stronghold.


Fateh will face off against Republican Andrew Schmitz in the November election.

RINO Bob Loonan Loses Third Consecutive Primary

On August 9th, a series of Republican primary contests ensued across the state of Minnesota. Among the notable challenges included former State Representative Bob Loonan’s third attempt to beat Erik Mortensen, this time in the newly drawn district 54A. Loonan lost the primary 45% - 55%.


Loonan has become a controversial figure for Republicans, most recently for violating state law and falsely claiming the Republican Endorsement (neither candidate was endorsed). Mortensen has attacked Loonan in the past for his failure to fight to conservative legislation.


It’s no surprise that Loonan challenged Mortensen for a third time. Mortensen has earned a reputation of defying party leadership in favor of keeping campaign promises. Among his most notable achievements includes forcing a vote on Governor Walz’ emergency powers on his first day in office.


Mortensen's bombastic style has earned the praises from grassroots conservatives, and the ire of career politicians. Loonan represents an old Republican Party that works with Democrats to legislate away the rights of the people.


Mortensen’s third victory against Loonan shows that the people are still firmly in support of Mortensen and his efforts to represent the people. 


Representative Erik Mortensen will face off against left-wing DFLer Brad Tabke on November 8th.


Jensen Changes Stance On Abortion

Politicians will usually say and do anything to get elected. Before they even make it to the general election, they need to win their party’s nomination to appear on the ballot. For Minnesota’s gubernatorial race, Scott Jensen said a lot of the right things – only to soften his positions after gaining the Republican Party Endorsement.


CBS reports that presumptive Republican Nominee for Governor Scott Jensen has changed his tune on abortion restrictions, now signaling that he is open to a number of exceptions. These exceptions include instances of rape, incest, physical health and mental health of the mother. The mental health exemption is believed by many pro-life advocates to be extremely flexible. 


Before the Republican Party endorsed a candidate for Governor in May, Jensen had adopted a hardline stance on abortion following news that he had interned at a Planned Parenthood in college.


If it’s not clear yet, I will spell it out for you: Politicians will always mislead and even lie to voters in order to gain support.


Don’t worry, there are still ways to push these politicians in the right direction. If you put enough public pressure on them, they will likely be forced to change their messaging. That’s exactly what North Star Liberty Alliance did on the Articles of Impeachment for Tim Walz. That issue went from an idea to real legislation thanks to thousands of Liberty-Minded individuals.


Scott Jensen will continue to water down his platform. If you want to see him back conservative ideas and legislation, call him out on Facebook

Frm. Rep. Newberger Admits To Publicly Funding Abortions

Former State Representative Jim Newberger is looking for a promotion to the Minnesota Senate in the newly drawn District 10. Many have accused the former representative of carpetbagging, due to his last minute move to Milaca from his prior home in Becker. The pressures of the campaign trail have forced Newberger to change his messaging on issues such as abortion.


When leveled with accusations of voting for publicly funded abortion, legislators like Newberger would completely deny it and decry anyone making the claim as a liar. However, one of the three candidates vying to be the Republican nominee for SD 10 points to Senate File 2 in 2017, the Health and Human Services Omnibus Bill. Newberger voted for this legislation.


This multi-subject bill includes funding for medicaid, which goes towards funding abortions in Minnesota with taxpayer dollars. When pressed on this issue, many legislators have caved and admitted that they have voted for this legislation.


When confronted, Gazelka states that abortion “...gets funded. I can’t stop it”. This is in reference to a 1995 MN Supreme Court Case Doe v. Gomez, which states that taxpayer-funded abortion is a constitutional right. This case is nothing but judicial activism from left-wing Supreme Court Justices.


The legislature alone has the power to allocate funds, not the Supreme Court. There is absolutely nothing that prevents legislators like Gazelka or Newberger from voting this legislation down.


With many voters confronting Newberger on this matter, it seems as though he has changed his tune. Instead of denying abortion funding, he is campaigning on ending it. Take a look at this advertisement from his campaign posted in the Mille Lacs Messenger:



These legislators are well aware that their affirmative votes for omnibus bills fund abortion. Now, they are being forced to admit it publicly. If legislators are pressured by their constituents on this issue, they will be forced to talk about it publicly and vote against taxpayer-funded abortions. This is a positive trend.