Walz Tries To Cover Up LTC Deaths

It appears that Governor Walz is looking to cover up the deaths caused by putting COVID-positive patients into long-term care (LTC) facilities. In updated court documents, it appears he is trying to shift that blame towards student athletes.


The released email comes from one of Walz’ political consultants, who suggests that “we need to more explicitly tie youth sports to LTC”. This updated complaint from Let Them Play MN comes after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo came under fire for the exact same policy that Walz implemented


These policies in both states have led to extraordinarily high death rates in these long-term care facilities. Of the 7,031 COVID-19 deaths in Minnesota, at least 4,070 of them were from long-term care facilities according to the COVID Tracking Project


Both Republicans and Democrats in New York began calling for Cuomo’s Impeachment after his gross negligence was brought to light. Now that we know that Walz has done the same thing while trying to cover it up, it’s clear that he must be Impeached and removed from office.


Sign the petition to Impeach Walz NOW! After you sign, send this article to everyone you know. Impeachment is gaining public support, but it needs to happen before the legislative session ends in May. 



Walz Is In Trouble...

A few months ago, I made a commitment to you that my team and I would give everything we have to Impeaching Governor Walz.


I am proud to say that our pressure campaigns on legislators who REFUSE to sign on to Articles of Impeachment continue. Just yesterday, my team and I launched our video ads that put pressure on Representatives Lucero, Mekeland, and Franke.


Take a look for yourself:


Lucero Ad

Mekeland Ad

Franke Ad


I need all the resources I can get to put these ads on full blast before the legislative session ends. 


Pitch in to help make our Impeachment efforts an Impeachment reality. Give $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can afford to keep the pressure up and give Walz the boot.


You see, this is what happens when legislators refuse to listen to their constituents. We KNOW that the rock-solid conservatives that live in these districts want Impeachment to happen, and our ad campaign will rally Minnesota patriots to force their elected officials into action. It seems like the phony conservatives’ party bosses have told them to stay quiet. Establishment hacks like Kurt Daudt don’t want to upset their friends across the aisle!


But Impeachment could get bipartisan support soon...


Did you see the far-left condemn Governor Walz?


That’s right, two DFL Party Affiliates -- The Minnesota Young DFL and Stonewall DFL -- JUST passed a vote of ‘No Confidence’ against Governor Walz.


Read More Here


It appears that both the left AND the right are getting fed up with Governor Walz. This is how the dominos fall. Soon, the left will be calling for Walz’ Impeachment! The only thing standing in the way now is the out-of-touch political establishment. With a little bit of help from NSLA’s grassroots army, Impeachment can become a reality. 


Are you ready to take action?


Get involved by writing a letter to the editor (LTE) of your local newspaper, calling on your state legislator to sign on to Articles of Impeachment against Walz. 

Sign up, and we’ll reach out to help you get started. We’ll even help write up the draft for you!


Write an LTE


Then, call AND email your State Representative, and tell them that that you demand them to co-author Impeachment. This is too important to ignore.


Call and email your State Rep


Once session ends for the year, establishment hacks will try and let this thing die over the summer.


I promise you, your North Star Liberty Alliance will continue to pour pressure on these legislators for as long as it takes to hold Walz accountable for his corrupt actions.


Will you continue to support my team’s efforts to Impeach Walz?


Pitch in to help make our Impeachment efforts an Impeachment reality. Give $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can afford to keep the pressure up and Impeach Walz.


In Liberty,

Bill Paulsen


North Star Liberty Alliance


With Confirmed Surplus, Walz Refuses To Budge On Tax Increases

(Left: Lt Gov Flanagan, Right: Gov Walz)

The Minnesota Office of Management and Budget released its April budget report, and the findings should be expected. The state still predicts a surplus in revenue, taking in $563 million in surplus revenue. That’s 20.3% more revenue than was predicted in February!


We’ve known for a few months now that the State of Minnesota is operating at a surplus, despite the job-crushing executive orders coming from Governor Walz. However, Walz and his friends in the legislature want to be sure that every dollar is spent!


Though he has revised his initial proposal from January, Walz and the legislature are still looking to raise taxes AND spending! He hopes that he can stock the budget reserve full of cash, and increase “investments” by $310 million!


Lt. Governor Peggy Flannagan claims that these spending increases are necessary, pushing the popular political excuse for government waste:


We will not cut our way to prosperity.”


Read more here


Though the Republican Senate likes to talk a big game, they’ll likely bow down and let the far-left walk all over them. If they were serious about stopping tax and spending increases, they would say no deals! Unfortunately, this is not what has happened in past years. 


You see, politicians do not have your best interests in mind. They just want to be left alone to fund their little pet projects and get their applause from their friends. They don’t care about what people like you and me have to say. 


Give those politicians a piece of your mind. Call and email them now!


Call and email your State Representative and State Senator, and tell them that the people of Minnesota want tax and spending cuts!

Walz Facing Attacks From Left

On Sunday night, Governor Walz received official condemnation from two official affiliates of the Minnesota DFL Party. Both the Minnesota Young DFL and the Stonewall DFL party affiliates took a vote of no confidence against Governor Walz. 


You can read their official statement below:


Both groups have expressed their displeasure with Walz’ handling of the Brooklyn Center tragedy that occured last week. Though these groups appear to have been fine with Walz’ abuses of executive power for the past year, it’s good to see them take a stand against him now. 


It has become abundantly clear that Walz is losing all kinds of support. If both sides of the aisle continue to condemn Governor Walz, they may move to Impeach him for his misconduct. Representative Erik Mortensen has introduced Articles of Impeachment against Governor Walz for his overreaching executive orders that have harmed the people of Minnesota.


The political establishment has refused to give credence to Mortensen’s Articles of Impeachment, despite bipartisan grassroots displeasure with Walz. Sign on to the Impeachment Petition now to send a message to your lawmakers. Impeachment MUST get done. 




Then, send this article to all of your friends and family. It’s clear that Walz is not getting the support he needs to stay in office, and the NSLA grassroots army of Minnesota needs to keep the pressure up.

Gazelka Caves To Radical Left AGAIN

(Left: Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka. Right: Senate Minority Leader Susan Kent)

Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazleka claims to stand up for the principles of liberty and limited government. But when it comes down to it, he fails to defend those principles every single time. 


Gazelka is currently failing to give the “Never Again” bill a hearing, despite its broad support from his conservative base. Instead of earning easy points with voters, he’s caving in to radical left-wing demands.


Leftists are using the tragedy in Brooklyn Park last week to prop up their myriad of legislation -- some of which has nothing to do with police reform! Leader Gazelka is feeding into this kind of behavior by agreeing to give them hearings.


With less than a month left of the legislative session, it appears that Paul Gazelka is trying to run the clock with these leftist demands so that he does not have to hear the popular Never Again bill. But why wouldn’t phony conservative Paul Gazelka want this legislation to pass?


He would rather get the credit for passing a much lesser bill being pushed by the establishment. If passed, it would enshrine the Governor’s ability to declare executive emergencies into the Minnesota Constitution!




Don’t let Paul Gazelka get away with this ridiculousness. Contact your State Senator, and tell them to support the Never Again Bill in the Minnesota State Senate. 



Minnesota Department of Health May Implement Vaccine Passports

(MDH Commissioner Jan Malcolm)

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has taken no options off the table, including the implementation of COVID-19 vaccine passports.


That’s right, on April 13th, MDH accidentally revealed part of their plan in a post on Facebook, stating that:


“We don’t know yet know [sic] if you’ll need to show proof of vaccination for things like traveling, concerts, or other activities.”

Though they don’t appear to proofread their Facebook posts before publishing, don’t be fooled. The people at MDH are the same people who pushed for you to be locked up for seeing your family last year. They can and will implement vaccine passports if given the opportunity. 


These “Licenses to Live” are a roundabout way of creating mandatory vaccines. By requiring documentation before entering public spaces, the government is infringing upon the people’s right to freely assemble. If you want the COVID-19 vaccine, you have every right to get it -- but it MUST NOT be mandatory. 


States like Florida have taken action against this kind of tyranny from arising by BANNING Licenses to Live. Why won’t Governor Walz do the same?


It’s apparent that Walz and his Department of Health are thinking about forcing these Licenses to Live on the people of Minnesota. This can and will be implemented on a statewide level. Many colleges and workplaces have already begun to require it!


The North Star Liberty Alliance is prepared to launch pressure campaigns on Licenses to Live, and the importance of protecting your rights. Help get this campaign off the ground by supporting NSLA now:



MN Republicans Working To Enshrine Unilateral Emergency Powers Into Constitution!

House Minority Kurt Daudt (Left) and Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka (Right)

If you have been following the North Star Liberty Alliance over the past year, this news should not come as a surprise.


Minnesota House Republicans have introduced more bad legislation on executive power reform, except this one takes the burden off of their shoulders and kicks it to the voters.


That’s right, phony conservatives are proposing that voters make the decision on amending the governor’s ability to declare an emergency in 2022 -- 18 months from now! Minnesotans cannot wait that long to end Governor Walz' emergency powers! Unfortunately, it only gets worse when you read into the details of the proposal.


As it currently stands, the governor can declare a peacetime emergency through Chapter 12 of the Minnesota State Statutes. This proposal from House Republicans would give the governor power to declare an emergency through the State Constitution, which is darn near impossible to repeal!


This proposal is complete and utter trash compared to the “Never Again” legislation proposed by Representative Erik Mortensen. 


His proposal includes 4 main points that this other bad bill does not:


  1. Takes away the Governor’s Unilateral Ability to declare an emergency. 2/3rds supermajority vote in both bodies (the House and Senate) needed to declare an emergency.
  2. The Governor does not get to create laws through executive orders. Only the legislature has the power to declare law. 
  3. If the Governor breaks provisions of these statutes, the Governor is thrown in jail for 90 days or fined $1,000.
  4. A citizen’s bill of rights. Even in an emergency, the state cannot infringe upon these rights. 


Mortensen goes into further details on these proposals in a video released on his Facebook Page. Watch it here. 


Now is the time for NSLA’s grassroots army to stand up and demand real results from their elected leaders. If you support Mortensen’s proposal, then reach out to your State Representative and tell them to ditch this bad bill, and sign on to the “Never Again” proposal. 



Vaccine Passports Coming To MN??

Not if we can help it! Have you seen the news?


Vaccine passports, or as I like to call them what they REALLY are: A License To Live; are gaining traction across the nation. Everyone from the Biden White House to huge corporations are mulling whether to impose them on the innocent public.


This is the Left’s path towards imposing mandatory vaccinations. If you want the vaccine, you should get it -- but NOT against your will. 


It’s only a matter of time before this comes to Minnesota. If Governor Walz thinks he can get away with locking us in our homes without consequence, what's stopping him from going another step further?


If Tyrant Tim Walz continues to cling to his emergency powers, he’ll continue to fear monger and push whatever policy he pleases!


This reminds me of an old quote by George Orwell…


“The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.”


You see, the political establishment doesn’t want this “crisis” to end. They’ll milk it for as long as they can. All the while taking power away from the people bit by bit... Remember when we thought it was unimaginable that we'd all be locked in our homes under threat of jail, with massive shortages in supplies we never thought possible? That was 12 short months ago.


Unless you and I push back, these politicians will continue to run us over. 


Your North Star Liberty Alliance and I will continue to fight for your freedoms, and push back against mandatory vaccines, a License To Live and illegal executive orders. But I cannot do it without your help. 


Give to the efforts against Walz and his tyrannical edicts now. My team and I need to stay on the front lines in this fight. Give $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can afford to pitch in. 


Did you see that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis BANNED Licenses to Live?



Governor DeSantis is standing up against the left-wing mob and defending the individual rights of his citizens. Why won’t Governor Walz? If Walz insists on keeping his executive powers, then why doesn’t he use those powers to BAN a License To Live in MN?! It’s clear that Walz is keeping the idea in the back of his head. If his left-wing governor friends start mandating License To Live, then he will too!


Let me be clear: Walz is thinking about requiring you to show papers approved by the state in order to go about your daily lives… where have I heard that one before?


You and I need to boot this guy out of office before he continues to destroy our state! Your North Star Liberty Alliance is leading the charge on Impeachment efforts. If I can continue to put pressure on legislators around the state, you and I will see a vote on Impeachment. 


Governor Walz cannot hide forever. We are pressing for him to be Impeached. Can I count on you to help make it happen?


Pitch in now, and help continue our pressure campaigns against legislators and Tyrant Tim Walz. Give $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can afford. 


When my team and I pour on the pressure, there will be nowhere for Walz or ANY bad politicians to run. They must hear your voice sooner or later. I am excited to stop any License To Live legislation in its tracks, and give Governor Walz the boot.


Thank you for your continued support. I’ll see you on the battlefield. 

In Liberty,


Bill Paulsen


North Star Liberty Alliance

Walz To Extend Emergency Powers Again

(Above: Walz at his press conference on COVID restrictions. Image obtained from FOX 9)

In preparation for what “experts” are describing as a third COVID-19 surge in Minnesota, Governor Walz will be re-upping his emergency powers for another 30 days. Despite his eagerness to hold on to his powers, he claims that Minnesota is in “a holding pattern”, and that he will neither add nor lift restrictions. 


Keep in mind that Walz has lied to the people of Minnesota in the past. Tyrant Tim and his administration were among the many who touted restrictions for “15 days to slow the spread”. Those 15 days very quickly turned into more than a year. Though he might be lying about his lockdown intentions, he has mentioned that his mask mandate will be among the last things to go, even as many other states have begun repealing them


If Walz has the power to shut things down again, why wouldn’t he? He clearly believes that there are no repercussions for his actions -- leftists are eating up his tyranny! Legislators must act now to repeal his economy-crushing executive powers before he sends us into a summer of turmoil. 


Walz has done enough damage already. Just last year, he put hundreds out of business, forced people to stay at home, prevented needed medical procedures, and sued anyone who dared defy him. He does not need to keep this power, and he must be Impeached. 


The North Star Liberty Alliance is leading the charge on Impeachment. Have you and your friends signed on to the Impeachment petition?



House DFL Releases New Big-Budget Bills

Last week, the House DFL introduced four new budget bills, including the tax, education, labor, and workforce bills. It has been clear for a long time that politicians in St. Paul were ready to radically increase spending to make up for the economic destruction caused by Governor Walz.


Here’s are some of the important points:


  • New 5th tier tax bracket
  • Funding to recruit African-American and Native-American teachers
  • Yearly increases for education funding
  • Raised reimbursements for the fraudulent CCAP
  • Government handouts for businesses affected by Walz’ lockdowns


You can read more about the proposal here


The idea that the state can tax citizens into prosperity is ludicrous. Walz and his friends in the legislature will defend the notion of tax and spending increases in the name of economic recovery. Walz has had his chance to fix the economy for over a year now by letting go of his emergency powers, and letting businesses serve who they please. 


What many don’t realize, is that the budget has increased 50% over the past decade, despite the fact that the Minnesota population clearly has not increased by this much. Minnesota will be lucky to increase its population by 10% in the next decade. If Walz continues to have his way with tax increases and executive power, more people are likely to leave the state than come. 


The budget proposals coming from left-wing legislators is appalling -- a total joke after everything they’ve allowed to happen in the last year. By insisting on economic stimulus after suppressing the economy for over a year, they are complicit in the suffering of Minnesotans. 


They cannot continue to get away with this gross negligence. If you agree, then sign on to the petition to Impeach and remove Governor Tim Walz from office.