DFL To Prioritize 2A Infringements In 2023

Now that left-wing politicians have total control of the Minnesota Government, they have made their agenda clear. To start, they will be introducing sweeping gun control measures.


In fact, House Speaker Melissa Hortman said that gun control would “pass quickly” in 2023.


This means they will:


  • Expand difficult background checks
  • Pass “Red Flag Laws” that does away with due process
  • Ban firearms like the AR-15


You and I cannot allow this to happen. In Minnesota, your 2nd Amendment rights are just days away from disappearing. 


Have you already contacted your new state legislators? Do so before the legislative session starts on January 3rd.




When you call and email them, tell them the 2nd Amendment is clear… The right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed!”

Legislators Green-Light $500 Million Office Renovation

Governor Tim Walz is not the only one taking advantage of surplus cash for cushy renovations. On Wednesday, a panel of legislators approved a $500 million renovation of the State Office Building (SOB).


The 1932 government building is home to state legislators' offices and their staff. Taxpayer dollars will pay for the $500 million price tag. 


The estimated cost should shock you. In 2017, the Minnesota Capitol was completely renovated for $300 million. The additional $200 million estimate does not appear to give the SOB any bells or whistles.


The renovation will significantly increase the square footage of the building. Which currently stands at 290,000 and will be increased to 456,000 square feet. This extra space will be used for expanding committee rooms and offices for staff and legislators.


As noted in a previous article on the Governor’s Mansion, politicians are not royalty. 


The use of taxpayer funds for such cushy office space should not be condoned. With a $17.6 billion budget surplus, Minnesotans deserve every penny returned to their pockets. 


Contact your state legislators here, and demand an answer to this ridiculous misuse of tax dollars.

Walz Mansion To Receive $6.3 Million Renovation

Per Brian Bakst: Governor Walz’ luxurious Summit Avenue mansion could receive a $6.3 million renovation in 2023.


Use of the Governor’s Mansion has been a perk for ten Minnesota Governors, beginning in 1965. It has been reported that Walz’ Department of Administration will pursue an expensive renovation, which is paid for by the taxpayers. 


It is also reported that the Walz family will be relocated during the renovation. Because he is unlikely to stay in his Mankato home in the meantime, his temporary relocation is also likely to come from the government cougher. 


Walz just scored a safe re-election in 2022, keeping his seat by a margin of seven percentage points. Many could assume the Governor sees this victory is a green-light for expensive renovation.


With Minnesota’s estimated budget surplus topping an incredible $17.6 BILLION, it is not the time to be putting money into more government projects. While Walz views the surplus as a good thing, taxpayers should be appalled that the government overcollected their tax dollars.


He should not be getting special rewards for stealing from the taxpayers. Walz should immediately demand that every penny of this surplus be delivered to the taxpayers. His proposed tax rebate pales in comparison to what the taxpayers are owed.


Elected officials are not royalty. If the Governor’s Mansion costs taxpayers millions to maintain, perhaps it is time to sell it off.

Facing Left-Wing Mob, Rep-Elect Calls Out Vaccine Mandates

With the hysteria surrounding the Covid-19 lockdowns, many politicians have taken to demanding vaccine mandates for employers and employees. In the wake of the 2022 midterm election, many spineless legislators refused to campaign on ending vaccine mandates. Thankfully, there are a few who still see this as a critical issue.


Mask-Off Minnesota, a health freedom group, held a panel with activists and legislators on Sunday -- discussing the next steps for the upcoming legislative session. Representative-Elect Walter Hudson (30A) offered a controversial (but welcome) comparison to the room.


Hudson stated that plantation owners are “morally equivalent” to those who demand vaccine mandates. This is a clear jab at big government politicians who view vaccination status as a requirement for participation in society.


Look no further than the vaccine passports that were implemented in Minneapolis and St. Paul in 2021. Countless numbers of people were refused service, simply because they were uncomfortable taking a vaccine. 


Hudson’s bold position put him in the crosshairs of the authoritarian mob. Twitter personality Aaron Rupar posted his statement for his followers on Monday, attempting to create backlash for the incoming legislator.


Instead of backing down, Hudson doubled down.


He stated later in an interview with WCCO that:


“If my wife's boss demands a sexual favor as a condition for her continued employment, we all recognize that's deeply immoral & ought to be illegal…”


Of course, the want-to-be tyrants don’t see the similarities between sexual demands in the workplace and vaccine mandates. Both of which are infringements of bodily autonomy, which should be prohibited. 


Liberty-Lovers ought to demand more courage from their legislators on issues such as vaccine mandates. This is the type of behavior that needs to be seen from self-proclaimed conservatives in the legislature. 


Of course, actions speak louder than words. Representative-Elect Hudson’s remarks are encouraging and North Star Liberty Alliance is eager to see him stay true to his word and fight to end vaccine mandates in Minnesota.


He and his fellow legislators will be sworn in on January 3rd.

House Republicans Open To New Debt Bill With 17 BILLION Dollar Surplus

Another year, another monstrous surplus that politicians are ready to spend. 


On Tuesday, the Minnesota Department of Management and Budget revealed a projected $17.6 BILLION budget surplus. This means that the state government overtaxed the people by billions more than it needed. Even while being in the minority, House Republicans appear ready to join the DFL in new debt bill legislation.


On Tuesday, Republican Minority Leader Lisa DeMuth held a press conference, in which she called to tax cuts and even returning portions of the $17.6 billion surplus. Then, she immediately talks about all the projects that her party wants to stuff into a “bonding bill”.


In the Minnesota legislature, even years are called bonding years. This is where the Minnesota Government creates debt through a plethora of infrastructure projects. These projects are funded without fail nearly every even numbered year. With a large surplus, taking this debt out should not be encouraged.


In 2020, Governor Walz and legislative leaders argued that passing large bonding bills were critical as interest rates were so low. Now that the Federal Reserve has increased interest rates, their logic from 2020 should be invoked. With high interest rates, now is NOT the time to borrow. 


If more “debt bills” are passed, YOUR budget surplus will go towards paying them off. That money belongs back in your pocket, not in the pockets of bureaucrats. 


The Minnesota Constitution requires that bonding bills pass with 60% of the votes in the legislature. With the current 70 DFL to 64 GOP makeup in the house, and 34 DFL to 33 GOP makeup in the senate, these bills can only pass with GOP votes. 


Now is the time to contact your state legislative leadership and demand that they vote against new debt. Use the link below to contact your current State Senator and State Representative, and demand they fight against these debt bills.



DeSantis Says “Produce Results” to Win

After Republicans vastly underperformed expectations in the 2022 midterm elections, many have taken to blaming policy positions for the loss. That’s one theory, though Florida Governor Ron DeSantis winning re-election by 20 percentage points tells a different story.


Previously a swing state, Ron Desantis won his election for Governor in 2018 by 0.4%. Four years later, he took 59.4% of the vote. He won overwhelmingly not by moderating his policy positions but taking hardline stances and fighting for the people of Florida.


This includes revoking the tax-exempt status for Disney World after they took on a woke policy campaign and signing school choice legislation to allow parents to pick the best school for their children. Despite the kicking and screaming from the mainstream media, DeSantis kept his promises to the people of Florida.


He credits his policy successes and winning attitude for his strong victory this year.


Unfortunately, DeSantis stands alone in a sea of do-nothing politicians who pander to their constituents to stay in office.


Consider 2017, when Republicans controlled the United States House, Senate, and Presidency. They continued to vote for more wasteful spending, the same taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, and the horrendous Affordable Care Act


This failure to fight is not unique to the Federal level. Here in Minnesota, Republicans have failed to fight for their campaign promises. Despite having control of the Minnesota Senate in 2021, Republicans dropped the issues of tax cuts and educational savings accounts the second the DFL fought back.


Though Minnesota is no Florida, there is still much that Minnesota Republicans can learn from the leadership of Ron DeSantis. This starts with drawing a line in the sand on the issues that they campaign on and forcing the DFL to meet them there. 


If the DFL refuses to meet grassroots demands, the Republicans should bring the state government screeching to a halt. When you take a clear and principled stand, voters take notice. 

Nearly 8,000 Business Have Fled Twin Cities Since 2020

Minneapolis and St. Paul have become notorious for their big government overreach and extreme lockdown orders. As the USPS has recently reported, their extreme policies have forced more than 7,800 businesses in the Twin Cities metro to relocate.


The United States Postal Service (USPS) keeps track of change-of-address forms from both people and businesses, which they release to the public. The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal looked into the released data and found that over 7,800 changed their address since 2020, with more than 1,400 of those businesses fleeing downtown Minneapolis.


This sudden exodus was not unforeseen. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter were eager to close businesses and mandate masks and vaccines in 2020 and 2021 -- making owning a business in the Twin Cities more difficult than ever. 


The repeat business lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and tax increases were enough to force many popular businesses to more friendly states like Texas or Florida. You can look no further than Wild Greg's Saloon, which recently closed its location in Minneapolis.


Greg Urban, the owner of Wild Greg’s Saloon, noted in an interview with Fox News that his other three locations across Texas and Florida are thriving. These states saw fewer lockdown policies than Minnesota while also touting fewer taxes and regulations – perfect for consumers and growing businesses.


Click here to watch Greg Urban's Fox News interview


If the Twin Cities is looking to solve the problem of business closures and relocations, they must reassess their priorities. Lockdowns, mandates, and general apathy have left a foul taste in the mouths of business owners. Legislators and City Councilors in Minneapolis and St. Paul have a lot of work to do to gain the trust of prospective business owners. Perhaps they can begin by eliminating their tax on plastic bags.

RINO Rep. Jurgens Endorsed Democrat To Tank GOP Senate Majority

Minnesota Senate District 41 (a seat in the east Twin Cities metro) had a pro-liberty conservative candidate by the name of Tom Dippel. Before running for office, Tom had been very active in Minnesota Republican politics and was even a delegate to the RNC convention in 2012. Despite running a business and raising his six kids, he found time to knock on thousands of doors.

The biggest problem Tom Dippel had to face was not his liberal opponents, but the Republican establishment that fought him every step of the way.


Tom was endorsed by the Republican Party of Minnesota in March, handily beating Representative Jurgens. Despite his grassroots support, Jurgens ran in a primary against him.


North Star Liberty Alliance covered this many times, the Minnesota Republicans are mostly RINOs who are afraid of constitutional conservatives. This is evident here in the fact that the Senate Victory Fund (The group responsible for electing Republicans to the Minnesota Senate) campaigned for Jurgens and against Dippel in the Republican primary.


Jurgens, a RINO, assaulted liberty-loving Tom Dippel by repeatedly calling him an extremist. This forced Dippel to spend $50,000 dollars to defend his own name before the voters. The MN GOP had to get in on this too. Weeks before the primary election, the MN GOP cut off data access to Dippel’s campaign, threatening to fine him thousands of dollars. 


Despite the corruption on behalf of Jurgens, Dippel crushed him in the Republican primary -- beating him by a whopping 20 percentage points.


After being defeatedly so terribly in August, Jurgens became bitter about his defeat. In September, he put Democrat Judy Seeberger’s sign in his yard. It was rumored that Jurgens also began campaigning with Seeberger. 


A week before the November 8th election, Seeberger announced via video and press release that Jurgens was publicly endorsing her campaign. Keep in mind that Jurgens was hoping to be the Republican nominee against her only months before. 



Come election night, the damage from the primary battle and Jurgens' endorsement had been done. Judy Seeberger won the election by 321 votes, thus giving control of the Minnesota Senate to the Democrats by a single seat.


Remember, when Democrats use their new majorities to enact California-style climate laws, spend our surplus tax dollars instead of giving them back, and impose experimental covid vaccine mandates on our children, remember that it was RINO Tony Jurgens' ego that helped elect the radical anti-freedom Democrats.

Republican House Caucus Selects Gun Control Friendly For Minority Leader

Spineless RINO Republicans in Minnesota continue to neglect your rights and still won’t stand up for you. Many Republican politicians in MN claim they are for safety and gun rights, but when it comes to their record most of them accomplish quite the opposite and hurt our rights. The newest example of this is the House Republican Caucus electing RINO Lisa Demuth as the House Minority Leader. 


While Demuth is bad for the people of Minnesota, the Minnesota Republicans have a history of electing their worst to lead them. The Rep that Demuth replaced is Kurt Daudt and he did nothing but cannibalize the Republican Party and the people of Minnesota for his own political gain.


In what was probably Daudt’s coup de grâce, Kurt Daudt literally joined a lobbying firm as Director Of Public Affairs. This lobbying firm that Daudt joined is called Stateside and they are in the employ of giant corporations such as Delta, FedEx, and BP. Kurt Daudt is smart enough to know that by joining this lobbying firm he was acting in a definite conflict of interest with his job as a representative of Minnesota. He didn’t care as what matters to Kurt is money and power, and that’s what this lucrative job offered.  And as reported by Alpha News, another representative at the time put it well: “We cannot have legislators who claim to represent the interests of their constituents, but also exchange legislative favors with wealthy clients.”


Now, you may remember that last year that the people of Minnesota had spoken and said they wished for Tim Walz to be impeached for his constant attacks against our human rights. You’d think that the elected Republicans would stand up against Walz but quite the opposite. Leadership sat on their hands and declined to do anything to actually get rid of Walz. Lisa Demuth flat-out refused to impeach Walz


To make matters worse, House Republican Caucus leadership even had a political committee group aligned with him, the Minnesota Jobs Coalition, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars attacking conservatives. Lisa Demuth was completely silent on this rejecting calls to denounce attacking liberty fighters. 


House Republican Caucus leadership that Lisa Demuth now leads used the Republican party and the Minnesotan people for political gain. They are Republicans that put more effort into stopping Republicans than they do to stop Tyrant Walz. 


Even this year a House Republican Jurgens endorsed a Democrat for senate which led to the Democrats taking complete control of the Minnesota state government.


While on the bright side the elected House Republicans were willing to get rid of establishment shill Kurt Daudt, but they went ahead and elected Lisa Demuth as the MN House Minority Leader. This is a big problem because Demuth has a track record of also being a RINO.


Demuth has refused to fight for us in ways such as not co-authoring the bill to impeach Tyrant Walz for his corruption and crimes, as well as refusing to co-author liberty champion Rep. Mortensen’s Second Amendment Preservation Act.


Worse yet, she stands with the angry commie mommies gun control group Mom’s Demand Action: 



Thanks to their own elections within their caucus, Minnesotan Republicans are out of the frying pan and into the fire. While the MN RINOs stood up for themselves and outed the pro-establishment leader that was helping to spend hundreds of thousands against them, the Republicans just went ahead and elected Demuth who is not interested in protecting gun rights or stopping Tyrant Walz’s rampant corruption and crime.


This is why it’s more important than ever that Liberty Lovers jump in the fight to keep our freedoms and restore the ones lost!

Gun Rights: Iowa Adopts Strict Scrutiny Legal Requirement

Unfortunately for us, the Dems of Minnesota have been eyeing gun control for a while now, which is an even scarier thought now that this party has control of all the branches of our state’s government. Even worse still is the RINO Republicans who are either too cowardly to stand up to the Dems or even support gun control themselves! All these cronie Minnesotan politicians can learn from what Iowa has been doing.


Iowa used to be a lot less just with its gun rights but has really come around in roughly the last decade and a half. Until 2011 Iowa was what is considered a “May Issue” state, which meant that you could apply for the right to conceal carry a firearm and you could get a permit *if* the local sheriff wanted to give you one. If something as small as the sheriff just not liking you came up, you could have your permit and your right denied.


Thankfully as of January 1st, 2011, Iowa changed and became a “shall issue” state meaning that as long as you meet the requirements to own a concealed carry permit, they have to give you one. Later in 2017 Iowa passed stand your ground which is important for self-defense. Without stand-your-ground laws, you cannot defend yourself until you've exhausted all other options. Of course, if your assailant is bigger and faster than you, you don’t have time to exhaust those options. Both Shall Issue conceal carry permits and Stand your ground laws gave back law-abiding citizens of Iowa their human right to defend themselves and feel safe. 


And the icing on the cake is just recently Iowa adopted a strict scrutiny legal requirement into its constitution, meaning future gun laws need to be very specific and according to the state’s constitution future politicians can’t restrict gun rights.


Which is great for our neighboring state, but it just goes to highlight how terrible the politicians we have here our. The republicans we have or have had in office have not pushed to expand or secure our gun rights here in Minnesota. The RINO republicans that we have here refuse to do anything to help our 2nd amendment rights because they fear if they do nothing that they won’t get reelected. Interestingly enough, their act of doing nothing gave them little to stand on and a lot of them lost their seats to democrats this election anyways.


Because of their cowardice, they won’t stand up and secure the future of Minnesota’s gun rights because the do-nothing RINOs that have infested this state have been afraid that any action at all will harm their chance at reelection and to them, their cushy job in government matters more than our rights, safety, and wellbeing. 


States like Iowa have people who are willing to defend the 2nd amendment, but you can’t expect the “Republicans” in Minnesota to do anything to protect our rights.