Big Government's Latest Victim: Local Breweries

Big Government's Latest Victim: Local Breweries

Above: Mankato Brewery in North Mankato

There is no question that Governor Walz’ overreaching executive orders have been detrimental to Minnesota’s economy. For more than a year now, Walz has used his authority to keep bars, restaurants, churches and movie theaters on a short leash. Many of these establishments couldn’t take the losses enforced by Walz and his state agencies, so they closed their doors forever.


As Tyrant Tim Walz is beginning to feel the pressure from the economic downturn, he has begun to “allow” many of these places to reopen while still requiring tough regulation. His quick dial back has left many businesses surprised, and eager to earn their customer base back.


KeyC News Now reports that breweries around the nation are experiencing an aluminum can shortage. This shortage was created due to the lack of demand from breweries, thanks to the artificially created economic recession. Now that states are giving the people their liberties back, breweries are unable to meet the increased demand. 


Supply chains are complicated. Businesses of all kinds need to know what to expect in order to meet demand and make a profit. When one man in St. Paul has the ability to shut down commerce with the stroke of a pen, businesses are in a constant panic trying to predict the market. This will naturally increase the cost of your beer, along with all kinds of other goods. 


Consider the plight of local restaurants! The majority of their supplies are perishable, meaning that they have less time to act upon market needs and desires. If they think that the Governor will shut down businesses again (health “experts” have touted this as a possibility), they will keep their prices high in order to make up for potential losses, in addition to trying to recoup from previous loss over the past year. 


The next time you visit your local brewery or favorite restaurant and see the extraordinary costs for your beer or meal, be sure to think of Governor Walz, and the economic mess that he has put our state's economy in. 


Though complaining about beer prices seems trivial, it goes to prove that Walz’ forced lockdowns have touched every Minnesotan in one way or another. Some Minnesotans have felt the economic pressure more than others. Brave patriots like Jane and Larvita opened their businesses to the public, only to be threatened with jail time and excessive legal fees. 


Remember those who have had to close the businesses that they have built up for decades, or those who have lost loved ones because Walz locked covid-positive patients in vulnerable nursing homes. The time to act on Walz’ blatant negligence is now.


Sign on to the petition to Impeach Governor Walz now, and send a message to the Minnesota House that this kind of behavior is not acceptable, and must be punished.