Conservative Faker Rep. Lucero Teams Up With RINO Leader Rep. Daudt

Conservative Faker Rep. Lucero Teams Up With RINO Leader Rep. Daudt

North Star Liberty Alliance has been more than happy to call out "conservative" fakers like Representative Eric Lucero. Some readers take issue with our assessments, because they believe he “says the right things”. Unfortunately for Lucero, actions speak louder than words. This is evident now that he is following Legislator Lobbyist Kurt Daudt like a puppy dog.


Lucero is now organizing a fundraiser with Daudt to support a borderline perennial candidate, Jeff Dotseth for House District 11A. The event will take place on October 28th in Sturgeon Lake. 


If elected, Dotseth will likely join Lucero and Daudt in blocking liberty legislation to hold Tyrant Tim Walz accountable.


Some will say that it’s too early to make judgements about Dotseth’s principles, but we know all we need to. Candidate Jeff Dotseth has repeatedly refused to fill out the NSLA Candidate Survey


Check out the candidate survey here. NSLA asks about issues such as Constitutional Carry and the Green New Deal. How can patriots like you trust Dotseth to represent your values when in St. Paul when he refuses to put his values down on paper?


Dotseth can still fill out the NSLA survey for his run in 2022 and our team here encourages him to do so! But when he’s already aligning himself with known conservative fakers like Eric Lucero and Kurt Daudt, it’s appearing like he’ll once again shun the liberty-minded voters of his district.