Corporate Vaccine Passports Now Here; Healthpartners Pushes

Corporate Vaccine Passports Now Here; Healthpartners Pushes

There are those who will scoff at the idea of the government enforcing vaccine passports. It seems too Orwellian for anyone to push for them seriously. Unfortunately, it’s that same attitude that is allowing mandatory vaccines to come into existence.


To be clear, if you wish to get the COVID-19 vaccine, that is your prerogative. However, you should not be forced to get the vaccine and provide a vaccine passport, or a “License to Live”. Thanks to some help from Walz and his cronies, it appears that the powers that be are colluding to enforce Licenses to Live.


The Twin Cities based healthcare provider, HealthPartners, unveiled their take on a virtual COVID-19 vaccine passport. This effort is being pushed by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), who says that virtual copies of vaccination cards are better than physical ones. 


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You see, these corporations are willing to do anything to be in good graces with the State Government. If that means creating and enforcing vaccine checkpoints at their businesses, they will do exactly that. If left unchecked, you will be required to show your medical records before entering any kind of public space.


Governor Walz cannot be allowed to disrupt the lives of Minnesotans. He must be Impeached and removed from office to stop this madness.