6th Democrat Defects from Walz In House Voting to End Emergency Powers

6th Democrat Defects from Walz In House Voting to End Emergency Powers

Today Rob Eckland did what he should have done for nearly a year, since Governor Walz went out of control pressing unconstitutional orders. At about 2:30am on this Tuesday morning, Eckland voted to end Walz’ Emergency Powers. 


Walz called for a special session on Monday to have the legislature extend his unilateral authority for another 30 days. Many patriots feared that Republicans like Senator Paul Gazelka would let Walz have his power without putting up a fight, like they did last month. 


Eckland was a rubber stamp for Walz’ powers every time it was brought up for a vote -- up until last night. Only after he heard an earful from constituents did he realize it was bad politics to trample on people’s liberty. He wised up and voted the right way. 


Though liberty lovers around the state were able to pressure their elected officials to hold a vote last night, it still was not enough to overturn Walz’ unlawful orders. 


We cannot give up now. Both Republicans and Democrats may think that because they took another vote, their job is done. Remind them that they are on the clock!


Thanks to the tireless efforts of those of us who understand that freedom lost is rarely regained, the tide is turning against Governor Walz. It is only a matter of time before more DFLers in the House vote against him and his powers.

Never give up. Never surrender. This battle for liberty is ours to be won. 

Use this link to find who represents you, and remind them to re-open Minnesota when the Legislature meets in January.