Emergency Over... But Walz Keeps Powers!!!

Emergency Over... But Walz Keeps Powers!!!

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Tyrant Tim Walz’ “emergency” is over. 


Late on Tuesday night, both the House and the Senate voted to repeal his emergency. It’s all thanks to your calls and emails to legislators in St. Paul.


Thank you for your activism. YOU made the difference.


But there's just one problem...A BIG PROBLEM!


Tyrant Tim needs to be held accountable for his illegal and unconstitutional actions.


Additionally, there is nothing stopping Walz from going down this warpath against out liberties again.


Talks of this new COVID-19 variant could scare Walz enough to lockdown our state again come this fall.


You and I CANNOT let that happen. My team is working day and night to Impeach Tyrant Tim Walz before he begins his next power trip.


Will you pitch in to the effort to hold Walz accountable? Give $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can put towards the Impeachment Battle. 


Your donations are always put to good use. This summer, my team is traveling across the state to engage and unite liberty lovers around the cause of Impeachment to hold Walz accountable.


Did you see and read about our first Impeachment Town Hall? 


In July, NSLA will be hosting two more Impeachment Town Halls! Stay tuned for more details and locations.


I can tell you that our first Town Hall educated and mobilized activists on the reasons for Impeachment, what we have done so far, and what we as the grassroots can do about it.


Now, many of these good folks have turned into liberty warriors and volunteers for the effort to Impeach and to EXPOSE THESE RINOs!


Not only that, but they are writing letters to the editors to papers all over Minnesota calling out these politicians for not representing them!


We need them and WE NEED YOU!


So please, continue to support our efforts to spread this issue across the state by giving $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can put towards the Impeachment Battle.


And if you remember, after liberty lovers all over Minnesota were educated and mobilized in districts all over Minnesota, VOTERS decided to give 5 tax-raising, rights-trampling, liberty-hating politicians to the curb.


Did you read about these politicians losing their seats?


Even though this Impeachment effort is strong, there is much more to do when it comes to protecting our liberties. What happens when the next power-hungry governor comes along?


Though the legislature ended Walz’ current emergency, he still has the power to declare another one whenever he wants!


The legislature MUST take action to repeal the governor’s unilateral ability to write new laws and enforcements.


And because he wrote his own laws, that's exactly why he needs to be Impeached for these unconstitutional actions. 


In fact, it's Article ll of the Articles of Impeachment:


  1. Failing to respect the separation of powers
  2. Inventing new penalties for violation of his executive orders without legislative sanction
  3. Banned the free exercise of religion - violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. constitution & Minnesota’s constitution Article 1, Section 16
  4. Taken private property in violation of the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. constitution
  5. Banning nearly all non-emergency medicine


This is precisely why Representative Erik Mortensen introduced HF2204, the Never Again bill. 


Don’t be fooled by other bills! Mortensen’s is the only one to fully repeal the governor’s ability to declare an emergency NEVER AGAIN. 


Never Again will we put up with lockdowns. Never Again will we allow our businesses to be shut down. Never Again will we allow our rights to be stomped on!


Unfortunately, weak Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka does not share our same vision - for now.


With YOUR help, we will expose these politicians for their bad deeds like we did in Liberty Champion's district, Rep. Erik Mortensen!


Where voters decided to in favor of Mortensen over his RINO opponent and then choose Mort over tax-raising, career politician, Democrat Brad Tabke, to represent them.


And he has delivered and led the charge to Impeach Walz.


Will you contribute now, and help North Star Liberty Alliance amplify our message to the people who need to hear it most? Give $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford to help out!


THOUSANDS of awesome supporters like you have shown that they want to save our state from tyrants like Tim Walz. 


And the plan is working.


When you join in on the effort, you are in good company. 


In Liberty,

Bill Paulsen


North Star Liberty Alliance