Forced Masking Will Never End In Twin Cities

Forced Masking Will Never End In Twin Cities

Everyone had thought that the worst of government overreach and COVID hysteria was behind us. Unfortunately, they were wrong.


Jacob Frey and other Minneapolis Liberals began to strongly advise mask wearing last Thursday, regardless of vaccination status. This proclamation comes with citations of increased cases of COVID-19.


Alpha News notes that the city believes it is using “science to guide its public health strategies,” which have “saved lives.”


This push for masks for Minneapolis comes despite a low transmission rating from the CDC.


Make no mistake, these mandates are about power, not safety. Because a handful of individuals still cling tight to their masks, the City of Minneapolis expects others to put their masks back on as well. 


Minnesotans have clearly had enough of the mandates coming down from leftists like Mayor Frey and Governor Walz. 


Does this action mean that another citywide mandate is coming? Who knows. The City of Philadelphia abruptly introduced and lifted a mask mandate in April, so anything can happen!