Gov’t Agents Joseph Jurusik & Julie Degn Attack Peaceful Minnesotans

Gov’t Agents Joseph Jurusik & Julie Degn Attack Peaceful Minnesotans

Minnesotans have been under a plague that is the Walz’ administration and his government goons out harassing peaceful people just trying to make a living. And now they are ratcheting up there unconstitutional attacks. 


On Wednesday Dec. 16th, 2020, hundreds of businesses finally pushed back in mass against Walz’ illegal and unconstitutional orders by opening their restaurants, gyms and other businesses in mass defy the edicts. While many sheriffs and police departments have rightfully said they will not enforce these unconstitutional acts upholding their oath of office, Hennepin County agents Joseph Jurusik and Julie Degn moved to violate people's rights enforcing these illegal and unconstitutional orders. 


Young entrepreneurs who run Nautical Bowls put out a video on social media here on Tuesday in advance of the organized mass opening saying how they have been so moved by everyone’s support and that pushed them to open up. But just as they decided to exercise their rights and peacefully conduct business, government thugs came in to slam their business closed.  


Folks keep wondering why these politicians and bureaucrats don’t show the courage to do their duty and protect people’s rights. That is what is seriously lacking here. A will by those in power to abide their oath of office uphold people’s rights and abide the U.S. and Minnesota constitution. 


The group ReOpen Minnesota Coalition has put out a call-to-action to ring these bureaucrats up and tell them to respect people’s rights, uphold the constitution and to not enforce these illegal and unconstitutional edicts. 

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