Judge Orders Arrest Of Small Business Owner

Judge Orders Arrest Of Small Business Owner

(Above: Interchange Bistro Owner, Lisa Hanson)

Do you remember Lisa Hanson? She is just one of many patriots who defied Walz’ overreaching executive orders last year, and opened her business to the public. Courts promptly responded by slapping on a $3,000 fine for every day that she refused to listen to Walz. 


Interchange Bistro in Albert Lea continued to operate, despite the continued threats from Tyrant Tim Walz and Radical Attorney General Keith Ellison. Lisa stood up against the tyranny, and continued to fight for her right to keep her business open. Luckily, Freeborn County Sheriff Kurt Freitag saw things from Lisa’s perspective, and refused to serve Lisa’s arrest warrant.


However, on Thursday, Tyrant Tim’s lackey’s got impatient and ordered that Sheriff Freitag appear before the court. Eventually, the court again ordered Lisa to be arrested for daring to defy Walz’ executive orders from November.


Why now? King Walz has “allowed” for the loosening of restrictions on restaurants in recent months. All of Lisa’s neighbors are now free to operate their businesses more or less how they see fit. It appears that Walz’ friends want to make an example out of Lisa.


Let’s make an example out of Walz, instead.


Sign the petition to Impeach and remove Governor Walz from office for his crimes against the people of Minnesota. If he gets away with it now, what’s stopping future governors from abusing the same power?




Don’t let Walz get away with it. Let’s get the Impeachment done.