Liberals Take To Saving The World

Liberals Take To Saving The World

Their plan? Hike up our power bills!

A bill - HF 10 - known as the “Clean Energy First Act” - was introduced to the Minnesota legislature on Monday (1/11/21) in an effort by DFLers to jack up our energy bills to forward their socialist climate agenda. The bill would coerce utility companies to undergo costly changes at the expense of the ratepayers. 


More regulations. The DFL isn’t satisfied with the strangling regulations already placed on the shoulders of Minnesotans. The Party of big government and taxpayer chokeholds will stop at nothing to progress policies like this. Make no mistake, this unnecessary virtue signaling bill is not the best course of action for Minnesota.


The socialist bill goes so far as to ban new sources of energy that the government deems not in the best interest of the citizens. The question is, who in the DFL is qualified to dictate to utility companies what’s best for them? Who in the DFL is qualified to dictate what’s best for the customers and shareholders of the utility companies in Minnesota? 


The tyranny from the socialist DFL party knows no boundaries. They’ve dictated who we can have in our homes, what businesses we can go to, and now, through oppressive regulations and drastic overreach, they’re threatening to raise our energy rates.


Will RINO Republicans sign on?


Use the link above to contact your legislator, and tell them to vote NO on the DFL socialist agenda.