Conservative Faker Rep. Mary Franson Admits To Ignoring Never Again Bill

Conservative Faker Rep. Mary Franson Admits To Ignoring Never Again Bill

I used to assume the best out of our politicians. When they don’t respond to a call or an email, or take a bad vote, I always assumed there were some circumstances that got in the way. Surely they wouldn’t flat out ignore us!


Unfortunately, politicians DO ignore us. Conservative Faker Representative Mary Franson admitted on twitter that she has been ignoring Representative Mortensen and her constituents in regards to the “Never Again Bill”.


Representative Mortensen’s Unilateral Emergency Powers Repeal Act, AKA The “Never Again Bill” is the best piece of legislation to date that would completely overhaul the governor’s ability to declare an executive emergency. 


This piece of legislation will ensure that:


  • Governor Can’t Unilaterally Declare An Emergency: Any emergency declaration would require a 2/3rds vote in both the House and Senate -- as well as every extension.


  • Governor’s Orders Will Not Be Treated As Law: Executive orders that the governor issues will not be used as legal dictates to Minnesotans. Only the legislature can pass laws.


  • Governor Is Fined Or Imprisoned For Violating The Law: Instead of citizens being put in jail for violating the governor’s orders, the governor would be punished for abusing his or her powers.


  • Your Rights Are Protected By A Citizens’ Bill Of Rights: Including the right of free speech, the right to exercise religious beliefs, the right to assemble, the freedom to travel, and the right to operate a business or earn income.


This legislation has proved popular among grassroots activists. So popular that countless numbers of activists showed up at the Capitol in support of the bill earlier this summer. 



In a late-night tweet storm, Representative Franson unloaded on Mortensen for daring to criticize her record. She shared screenshots of conversations with Mortensen, including acknowledgment that she ignored his request to co-sponsor the Never Again Bill.



You see, Franson is upset that Mortensen has exposed her for the politician that she is. She lets personal grudges get in the way of good policy.


It ought to be principle over party, and solid legislation over hurt feelings. Clearly, Franson does not believe that to be the case.


Give Representative Franson a call and let her know how you feel about her refusal to even respond to Mortensen’s request to sign the “Never Again Bill”!


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