Minnesota Must Join Free States; Ban Vaccine Passports

Minnesota Must Join Free States; Ban Vaccine Passports

Over the past several weeks, many state governors have taken action against COVID-19 vaccine passports. As a refresher, a vaccine passport is proof of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, which would be required upon entry of businesses. Mandating a vaccine passport is the same as instituting mandatory vaccines.


This is not to say that these state governors stand against the vaccine. In fact, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey still encourages citizens to receive the vaccine. He realizes that it should be a personal decision, not a government decision.


Meanwhile, far-left governors like Andrew Cuomo from New York appear to be enthusiastic about vaccine passports. Now, citizens of New York must either show their CDC vaccination card, or use a mobile app to prove inoculation before entry to businesses. This is what happens when politicians think they know what’s best for your life. Luckily, not all Americans feel the same.


As of writing, nearly half of all states have banned COVID-19 vaccine passports… and Minnesota is not one of them. It’s clear that Governor Walz takes cues from his far-left friends like Andrew Cuomo, so it's only a matter of time before he starts seriously considering the implementation of vaccine passports in Minnesota.


Will you take a stand against efforts to mandate vaccines in Minnesota? Send a warning message to Governor Walz by signing the petition to impeach him!