Minnesotans Demand Their $7.7 Billion In Taxes Back

Minnesotans Demand Their $7.7 Billion In Taxes Back

“Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.”

- President Calvin Coolidge


On Tuesday, Governor Walz’ administration revealed that the state has overtaxed its citizens by an estimated $7.7 billion – the largest budget surplus in Minnesota history!


Walz and his left-wing pals have already indicated they want to increase taxes despite this legalized robbery. Luckily, watchdogs like North Star Liberty Alliance operate to inform voters of what’s going on in St. Paul.


North Star Liberty Alliance has been on the front lines against tax increases for years now. When Tim Walz pushed for a higher gas tax in 2019, NSLA immediately launched pressure campaigns to inform voters of how this punishes Greater Minnesota, while rewarding left-wing politicians in Minneapolis and St Paul.


Here are just a few examples of pressure the ads calling out tax-raising politicians:



After immense pressure from grassroots activists and NSLA members alike, the gas tax proposal was defeated in 2019. Unfortunately, tax-raising lunatics didn’t take the hint.


When legislators brag to their constituents about introducing new taxes, North Star Liberty Alliance takes action. When Representative Brad Tabke (DFL-55A) exposed himself as a tax-raising radical in 2019, North Star Liberty Alliance immediately informed his constituents. 


NSLA’s House District 55A commercial received over 15,000 views on Facebook, and forced then-Representative Brad Tabke to attempt (and fail) to defend his record!




Members also took action by writing letters to the editor expressing their disdain for Tabke’s love of taxation. 


When voters learned of Tabke’s record, they ultimately rejected him in 2020 and sent Liberty-Champion Erik Mortensen to the Minnesota Legislature in his place!


If there is anything Governor Tim Walz should take away from NSLA’s activism, it’s that the tax and spend status quo in Minnesota is deeply unpopular. 


Politicians who continue to advocate for tax and spending increases with this budget surplus are stealing from the people. Their constituents will learn of their efforts soon enough. 


North Star Liberty Alliance will throw everything possible at this fight in 2022, but we cannot do it without your help.


Will you pitch a few bucks towards an initiative to get your tax dollars back?