MN House Leadership Continues To Live In Fear Of COVID

MN House Leadership Continues To Live In Fear Of COVID

Photo obtained from StarTribune

As long as the DFL maintains their political power, Minnesotans will be forced to live with pandemic restrictions. On Friday Morning, DFL Speaker Melissa Hortman announced that the Minnesota House will continue to operate under pandemic guidelines through the end of the 2022 legislative session.


This means that the Minnesota State Office Building will continue to be closed to taxpayers for another legislative session.


In addition to creating a barrier between voters and their legislators, Hortman will continue to force mandatory masking on the house floor, as well as allow virtual attendance for both committees and floor sessions. 


Melissa Hortman is not the only radical-left winger who is trying to keep the fear of COVID-19 around. Former Biden Advisor and U of M employee, Dr Micheal Osterholm predicts that Minnesotans could see a “5th COVID surge”. 


Both Hortman and Osterholm are being empowered to keep up this fear mongering by Governor Tim Walz himself. In case you needed the reminder – Walz shut down businesses, churches, and schools. He mandated mask-wearing statewide, and wasted taxpayer dollars on incentives to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Now, he’s requiring the vaccine for state workers, and flirting with the idea of requiring school children to be vaccinated!


Enough is enough. The far-left has gotten away with their power trip for far too long. You and I need to send a message to anyone seeking to restrict individual liberties by supporting Articles of Impeachment against Walz. Have you signed the Official Impeachment Petition?