Relentless Attacks On Businesses By AG Keith Ellison And The Courts

Relentless Attacks On Businesses By AG Keith Ellison And The Courts

(Pictured Above) Attorney General Keith Ellison Celebrating 

Just because Walz has “allowed” businesses to open up at partially, does not mean that his radical attorney general -- Keith Ellison -- has let up at all. 


Ellison is now celebrating the fact that liberal courts have fined the Alibi Drinkery and The Interchange $3000 every day they continue to violate Walz’ orders. This is up from the $250 a day both were previously forced to pay. 


In fact, Ellison did more than celebrate the increase. He ASKED for it. 


Lisa Zarza, the owner of Alibi Drinkery, expressed disappointment and frustration with the court’s ruling:


“He’s (the judge) being pressured by the attorney general, he’s being pressured by Walz to make decisions to make us comply. It’s really hard for me to stand down because we’ve been fighting this fight for how many weeks now?”


You can watch her full statement here.


Walz and Ellison are doing everything in their power to ensure that small businesses like these will close their doors forever. 


Why do they get away with it? There are a few legislators in St. Paul who are ready to hold them accountable… so why haven’t they done anything yet?


Representative Erik Mortensen is ready to introduce our Articles of Impeachment against Governor Walz later this month. We are ready to make sure he has the support he needs to hold Walz accountable, and send a message to Ellison. 


The best thing you can do now is add your name to our petition. We plan to show representatives in St Paul your signatures, and tell them that the people of Minnesota want impeachment to happen. 




As long as Walz remains in power, he can keep abusing his office and enforcing his illegal and unconstitutional executive orders. It doesn’t matter if he gives the leash around Minnesota’s economy a little slack now, because he’s ready to pull it back in a moments notice. 


Talks of this new strain of COVID-19 could give Walz the excuse he needs to send us into our next economic depression. 


Don’t let him get away with it. 



When you sign, be sure to send the petition to ALL your friends and family. We need every signature we can get to prove the importance of this task. Then, consider a donation to the cause. Anything you can spare is much appreciated!