Thousands Gather In St Paul For Health Freedom

Thousands Gather In St Paul For Health Freedom

Thousands of patriots from across the state of Minnesota (and even a few patriots from Wisconsin) gathered in front of the Minnesota State Capitol on Saturday to stand for health freedom, and against ensuing vaccine mandates.


After meeting at the Capitol at noon, liberty-lovers made their way over to the governor’s mansion to protest Governor Walz’ support of vaccine mandates.


Not only did Governor Walz applaud President Biden’s vaccine mandate on businesses with 100 employees or more, but he himself mandated vaccines for state employees.


This freedom protest and walk was intended to show both politicians on both sides of the aisle that vaccine mandates are an infringement upon private health freedom and must be stopped.


There are a few proposals that are currently being teased for the rumored special legislative session, though the most aggressive proposal to date comes from Representative Erik Mortensen. His “Stop Vaccine Mandates” amendment would not only ban both public and private vaccine mandates, but also nullify any radical vaccine mandate coming from Sleepy Joe Biden. 


If you agree that legislators in St. Paul must take action to stop vaccine mandates, then give your state representative and state senator a call. Tell them to co-sponsor Representative Mortensen’s “Stop Vaccine Mandates” amendment at the upcoming special legislative session!