New Vaccine Bribes Preempt More Lockdowns

New Vaccine Bribes Preempt More Lockdowns

Image obtained from MPR News

Governor Tim Walz and Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm are at it again. In an effort to boost COVID-19 vaccinations, Walz announced on Thursday night that the state will be paying $100 to those who get inoculated. 


This announcement comes after Walz’ buddy in the White House, President Joe Biden, announced that states should use taxpayer dollars to fund $100 payments to individuals 12 and older who receive the vaccine. In this same announcement, Biden stated that all federal employees (with the exception of the military for now) will require the vaccine.



Let’s be clear on this. If you want the vaccine, you can get the vaccine. That is a private health decision and is no business of the government. 


Governor Walz and his cronie commissioners in St. Paul do not appear to care about what is fair. This much was made clear when Tyrant Tim shut down small businesses last year, but allowed the big-box stores to remain open.


Now that fears of the delta variant of coronavirus have reached the ears of Walz, he may be considering another peacetime emergency. If Walz crowns himself king again, he will once again impose mask mandates and lockdowns in the name of “safety”.


Minnesotans cannot handle another lockdown. This tyrant must be stopped dead in his tracks. Will you sign the petition to impeach Governor Walz?