What’s Going On With Mandatory Vaccines?

What’s Going On With Mandatory Vaccines?

Here at the North Star Liberty Alliance, we do not believe in telling you what to do. There are many who do want to tell you what to do and to use the government to enforce it.


Simply put, if you want to get the COVID-19 vaccine, you should do it! However, nobody should be forced to do so against their will. For months, we have all heard the same silly narrative that has led us to this moment...


It started as: The virus will kill 22,000 Minnesotans by July 2020

Now it's: 7,000 have died thus far, with a dispute ongoing as to how many of those 7,000 died “because” of COVID or died “with” COVID.


It started as: We need restrictions for two weeks to flatten the curve.

Now it's: Governor Walz has unilaterally written his own laws for over 400 days.


It started as: We need kids at home “learning” online because of the virus.

Now it's: Lockdowns were unnecessary.  Distance learning has harmed our kids in ways we are just beginning to understand.


It started as: We need to shut down the economy to flatten the curve.

Now it's: Lockdowns were unnecessary.


It started as: Our lockdown is based on a sophisticated model. Don’t question the science.

Now it's: That model was incorrect because it was made by University grad students.


It started as: The state needs to spend $7 million on a morgue to house the bodies.

Now it's: Not needed but they're keeping it anyway.


You see, this madness will continue as long as the people of Minnesota allow it. If Tyrant Tim Walz begins pushing for mandatory vaccines, then people will gradually accept it and start pushing their neighbors to do the same thing. After all, these are “experts”.


If you’re tired of seeing Walz get away with whatever he pleases in the name of security, then sign the petition to Impeach him, and get your friends on board as well.