Legislators' Final Chance To Pass “Never Again” Bill

Legislators' Final Chance To Pass “Never Again” Bill

Governor Walz is set to call the legislature into a special session this coming Monday, June 14th. Walz will use this opportunity to extend his emergency powers and give the legislature time to pass their enormous budget bills. Though this session is only a week away, it appears that legislative leaders still have not come to a deal.


Because Minnesota has a divided government, putting together a budget deal to keep the government running can be tricky. If the Republican Senate Majority is as eager as they claim to hold Walz accountable, they should immediately create a list of demands that includes the “Never Again” bill.


Representative Erik Mortensen’s “Never Again” bill -- HF2204 -- is the best proposal on the table for reforming the governor’s powers. Below are the provisions of Mortensen’s legislative proposal:


  • Governor Can’t Unilaterally Declare An Emergency: Emergency powers extension would require a 2/3rds vote in both the House and Senate.
  • Governor’s Orders Will Not Be Treated As Law: Executive orders that the governor issues will not be used as legal dictates to Minnesotans. Only the legislature can pass laws.
  • Governor Is Fined Or Imprisoned For Violating The Law: Instead of citizens being put in jail for violating the governor’s orders, the governor would be punished for abusing his or her emergency powers.
  • Your Rights Protected By A Citizens’ Bill Of Rights: Including the right of free speech, the right to exercise religious beliefs, the right to assemble, the freedom to travel, and the right to operate a business or earn income. 


Now that the DFL needs the Republican Senate to accomplish aspects of their agenda, they have a prime opportunity to stop Tyrant Tim Walz in his tracks and take away his ability to unilaterally declare executive emergencies.


Mortensen’s bill is leaps and bounds better than Representative Barb Haley’s HF2640, which gives the ability to declare executive emergencies to the Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner, Jan Malcolm. Don’t take my word for it, read more about the garbage proposal here.


Republicans will initiate a half-hearted effort to pass Haley’s bad bill over Mortensen’s, and then inevitably cave to DFL demands and say that they tried their best. They have already admitted that they will not push for what they believe in! According to Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, there is nothing worth shutting down the state government over:


“The Senate has no issues that we would demand a shutdown to get.”


Clearly your “conservative” legislators are ignoring the cries of the people. If you want to see Representative Mortensen’s “Never Again” bill turned into law, then tell your legislators that they need to stand up against establishment whims!


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