Minnesotans Reject Tax Hikes Overwhelmingly

Minnesotans Reject Tax Hikes Overwhelmingly

Minnesota has long been dubbed a “blue state”, and we have the taxes to prove it. Taxes in Minnesota are so bad, that WalletHub puts Minnesota as having the 6th highest tax burden in the nation. Naturally, the people of Minnesota have become tired of forking over their hard earned income to the government.


Minnesotans have begun to voice their displeasure with the tax and spend status quo in Minnesota, especially on the local level. When given the opportunity to increase the levy for their local schools on May 11th of this year, Byron voters narrowly voted no. This is just one of nine proposals that Minnesota voters rejected this month. 


These failed tax increase attempts should come as no surprise to anyone. In 2019, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce reported that 60% of Minnesotans stood against Governor Walz’ radical gas tax increase proposal. That year, the North Star Liberty Alliance successfully waged a campaign against the gas tax increase, but that doesn’t mean that Walz won’t try again.


We’ve seen these kinds of tactics before. States like California and New York will try to tax their citizens into prosperity, all the while losing those same citizens to low-tax states like Texas and Florida. Governor Walz and his friends don’t care about losing residents, though. They only care about getting their pet projects like mass government surveillance


Don’t let the radical politicians drive you out of the state. Stay and fight for what is yours. The North Star Liberty Alliance will continue to stand against radical tax and spending proposals in Minnesota. Can our team count on you to put pressure on the tax and spend politicians in St. Paul?