Republican Rep. Barb Haley Lies To Constituents

Republican Rep. Barb Haley Lies To Constituents

Republicans NEED to get serious about repealing Governor Walz’ emergency powers. So far, all we are getting is political theater. 


Republicans like Representatives Barb Haley and Marion O’Neill CLAIM to have the answer to Walz’ emergency powers, but are really just looking to score cheap political points. 


In an email to one of her constituents obtained by the North Star Liberty Alliance, Haley claims that grassroots organizations like us are “lying” to you


Here is why she is WRONG AGAIN:


Above is the bill that Haley and other RINOs (Republican in Name Only) have been pushing. As you can see, this bill DOES NOT end Walz’ emergency powers. 


When pressed, Haley acknowledges that this is the case. She tries to defend herself, claiming that legislators need to work to reform his powers before they can vote to end them. This is a cop-out answer. 


If these reforms Haley and other RINOs are proposing are so detrimental to Walz’ powers, then why would he ever sign them into law?


Voting to end Walz’ powers does not need a signature from him, just a majority vote in both the House and the Senate. In reality, much more likely to happen than this "reform" bill she's pushing. 


Haley is unfortunately not the only Republican who is on board with this fake bill. Did you see that Marion O'Neill outright lied about her support for the bill? 


Some Republicans saw this bill for what it really was -- a fake -- and voted against it.


Now, it appears that Haley and her friends will be trying to revive this fake bill and bring it up for a vote, instead of supporting resolutions that REALLY end Walz’ powers. 


The establishment is pushing Haley to the front of the house caucus, because they see her as a potential candidate for higher office. If she is looking to represent liberty-lovers across the state, one would hope she would push better legislation than this. 


Let Representative Haley know that SHE MUST DO BETTER. Call her and let her know!

Rep. Barb Haley - 651-296-8635 - [email protected]

NSLA has been pushing for a real end to Walz’ emergency powers since the beginning. Long before Haley decided it was politically popular to do so. 


NSLA is now looking to make sure King Walz has declared his last decree. After our grassroots campaign to drum up support for impeachment, Walz WILL face an impeachment vote in the Minnesota House.


You can help make sure the House votes to impeach. 


If you can donate your time, there is certainly plenty of work to do. Everything from writing letters to your local paper, to calling your legislator. We’ll need all hands on deck for this fight. 


If you can donate funds to the cause, we’ll put them to good use. Your donations will fuel petition drives, events, and advertisements all focused on ending Walz’ tyrannical reign over the state of Minnesota. 


Together, we’ll make sure that RINO Republicans like Barb Haley vote to end Walz’ powers, and vote to impeach him once and for all.