The ‘Emergency’ Is Over, But Walz Keeps Power To Declare Another

The ‘Emergency’ Is Over, But Walz Keeps Power To Declare Another

After activists across the state hammered their legislators with phone calls and emails, both the Minnesota House and Senate voted late Tuesday night to end Governor Walz’ executive “emergency”. This is great news for liberty-lovers everywhere, though the battle isn’t over yet.


Governor Walz still has the power to declare an emergency whenever he wants! Come this fall, he may lock down the entire state again! Thanks to new fears about the Delta Variant of COVID-19, many nations are re-engaging their lockdown protocols, and Minnesota could soon follow suit!


Over the past few weeks, legislators have been negotiating gigantic budget bills at the Capitol. Many of these budget bills include severe compromises from Republicans, like the inclusion of “California car” mandates, and the exclusion of real school choice! Maybe the most egregious compromise includes a 22% budget increase for Radical Attorney General Keith Ellison’s office!


Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka had ample opportunities to push Representative Mortensen’s Never Again bill through the legislature as a part of budget negotiations. This bill is a one-of-a-kind repeal of the governor’s ability to declare an executive emergency. Mortensen's bill is the only proposal to date that will stop Walz from taking advantage of the Delta Variant and shutting down our state again!


Gazelka didn’t lift a finger to get this thing passed. 


So, the battle to hold Walz accountable rages on. Republicans will likely make this a campaign issue for the 2022 election. Until then, Walz will maintain his ability to do whatever he wants as long as he declares a new “emergency”.


If you’ve had enough of this nonsense, then sign the official Walz Impeachment Petition! If the Republican Senate Majority won’t hold Governor Walz accountable, then you and I must take action and show our politicians what matters most to the people.