Walz Slams On More Lockdowns Destroying People & Businesses Further


Governor Walz is beginning to feel the heat from business owners. More than 200 businesses have committed to protecting their livelihoods and serving their community by opening up their businesses by Friday. 


After delaying his decision twice, Tyrant Tim announced that he will CONTINUE his lockdowns through at least January 10th. In a pathetic attempt to toss some crumbs at the hospitality industry, restaurants will be “allowed” to serve outdoor seating at 50% capacity - with temperatures in the teens. This guy is nuts.


It's an understatement to say that many business owners are disappointed. They are furious - as they should be. The Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association calls Walz’ announcement “shameful” and “unjust”.

Walz’ new lockdown does not change anything. Businesses are closing forever. Families and their budgets are being destroyed! The legislature needs to End Emergency Powers. His announcement feels like he’s toying with people. Rubbing in the fact that the legislature hasn’t ended his emergency powers, so he can do whatever he wants with no repercussions.


Prove Walz wrong. 


Tell your legislator what is on your mind!  Remind them that they alone have the power to end this lockdown, and set our economy back on the right track. 


Find out who represents you and give them a call!

Hold Politicians Accountable!

The left and right may not appear to agree on much, but that all changes when they meet under the Capitol rotunda. 

Year after year, politicians in St Paul seek to increase regulations, spending, and taxes. Politicians who claim to be fiscal conservatives are nowhere to be found when it matters most. They’ll make excuses, or argue that they don’t have the support to fulfill their promises. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if politicians did what they said they would when they were elected?

The best way to get your elected official to do what you want, is to put pressure on them. This can be as easy as a phone call or an email, telling them they aren’t voting the way they should. A great way to get their attention is to write a Letter-to-the-Editor (LTE) for your local newspaper. 

For example, Paul Peters wrote a fantastic article about his representative, Nolan West (37B), criticizing him for not taking a harder stance against Governor Walz and his lockdowns. Going as far as threatening a primary challenge in 2022 if he doesn’t clean up his act! You can read the letter by clicking here. 

LTE’s don’t always have to attack someone, either. Rep-Elect Erik Mortensen (55A) has taken a lot of heat from the media for his strong stance against Walz and his lockdowns. Mortensen has even pledged to introduce articles of impeachment against Walz after he is sworn in. He’s a true fighter, and fighters like him need some back-up!

Some liberty-lovers in 55A wrote LTE’s defending Mortensen, and his defense of Minnesota business-owners. Be sure to check out Tracy and Tina’s letters. 

Don’t know where to start? We’re happy to help! Send us a note through this link and we’ll reach out!

6th Democrat Defects from Walz In House Voting to End Emergency Powers

Today Rob Eckland did what he should have done for nearly a year, since Governor Walz went out of control pressing unconstitutional orders. At about 2:30am on this Tuesday morning, Eckland voted to end Walz’ Emergency Powers. 


Walz called for a special session on Monday to have the legislature extend his unilateral authority for another 30 days. Many patriots feared that Republicans like Senator Paul Gazelka would let Walz have his power without putting up a fight, like they did last month. 


Eckland was a rubber stamp for Walz’ powers every time it was brought up for a vote -- up until last night. Only after he heard an earful from constituents did he realize it was bad politics to trample on people’s liberty. He wised up and voted the right way. 


Though liberty lovers around the state were able to pressure their elected officials to hold a vote last night, it still was not enough to overturn Walz’ unlawful orders. 


We cannot give up now. Both Republicans and Democrats may think that because they took another vote, their job is done. Remind them that they are on the clock!


Thanks to the tireless efforts of those of us who understand that freedom lost is rarely regained, the tide is turning against Governor Walz. It is only a matter of time before more DFLers in the House vote against him and his powers.

Never give up. Never surrender. This battle for liberty is ours to be won. 

Use this link to find who represents you, and remind them to re-open Minnesota when the Legislature meets in January.

MN Republicans Sell Us Out – AGAIN

In the wee hours of the morning at 1:00 am, the Minnesota House voted on Ending Walz’ Emergency Powers. The Republicans failed to do so in November but after hearing the loud uproar from grassroots demanding it, they were forced to push the vote.

This was after massive demand and pushes from the liberty-lovers that forced Senate Republicans to vote to end Walz’ emergency powers against their wants and failing to do so in November as well. 

Unfortunately, after a weak attempt at ending Walz’ powers failed, both parties got to work at spending taxpayer dollars to keep struggling businesses quiet. 

Republicans in both the House and the Senate should have said NO DEALS until Walz’ powers are gone and done with. 

If you talk to these spineless Republicans, they’ll say that this is the only way to deliver aid to struggling businesses - and they’re absolutely wrong. The BEST way to help struggling businesses in Minnesota is to let them open their doors to their communities who want to support them. 

There was almost no pushback in the House or the Senate, even from supposed fiscal conservatives. More than $217 Million of taxpayer money was approved in a 117-13 vote in the House, and 62-4 in the Senate. The funny thing is, this bribe will hardly make up for 4% of the losses created by Walz’ shutdowns. 

It has become a joke for Walz claiming that he needs unilateral control considering he had to go to the legislature to get this hundreds of millions of dollars voted on by them while simultaneously claiming the legislature isn’t capable of taking steps on the pandemic management. 

So not only are the Republicans horrendous negotiators but they are absolutely disingenuous to say they are fighting for us.

MN Gov't Attacks Businesses; Pushing Unconstitutional Orders


Struggling business owners all around the state have had enough of Governor Walz and his illegal orders, and have decided to open up. Now, he’s asking police departments statewide to double down on enforcement. Here are just a few of the patriots who have stood up:


Jane Moss - owner of Boardwalk Bar and Grill in East Grand Forks - is being attacked with a lawsuit by AG Keith Ellison! She is going to court to defend her right to open her business TOMORROW! You can find her legal support fund here.


Larvitar Mcfarquhar - owner of Haven’s Garden in Lynd - was one of the first patriots to stand up to Walz. When her license was revoked by the state, Southwest Health and Human Services voted to reinstate her license on the state's behalf. Ellison hasn't given up, and will keep fighting Larvita every step of the way.


Chad Walsh - an owner of a gun range shut down by Walz - has come out and said these orders are NOT enforceable by local authorities. Chad cites MN Statute 624.7192, which states that no government official may "prohibit, regulate, or curtail the otherwise lawful possession, carrying, transportation, transfer, defensive use, or other lawful use" of firearms, ammunition or components of those items.”. Though Chad is fully within his rights to remain open, he continues to be harassed by Walz’ cronies!


These are just a few of hundreds of business owners in Minnesota who are ready to defy Walz, and open their business to their community.


Don’t forget - When Tim Walz ran for Governor, he touted the phrase “One Minnesota” as a rallying cry for unity in the state. Under his governance, Minnesota is more divided than it has been in years. Don’t take my word for it, take a look at this letter his administration sent out:


The letter above was sent out to police departments statewide, asking them to enforce Walz’ unlawful executive order keeping business owners like Jane, Larvita, and Chad from protecting their livelihoods. The very notion of government closing down business statewise was unthinkable just a year ago... Now, Walz is trying to normalize it. 


These businesses deserve our support. The team at your North Star Liberty Alliance encourages you to help anyway you can, whether it means donating to their legal funds, visiting these establishments, or even calling your legislator and telling them to end Walz’ powers keeping business in MN shut down. 

Use this link to find who represents you, and remind them to re-open Minnesota when the Legislature meets in January.

Will Walz Slam On More Lockdowns?

 We’ve all seen those old-school robberies in the movies. A shady character emerges from the shadows, takes an innocent’s wallet, then forces them to the ground. What you don’t often see is that same thief offering back a few loose quarters and acting like everything is fair. 

That’s exactly what Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is doing. After pressing his thumb on business owners for nearly ten months Walz plans to toss them a few crumbs and be hailed a hero.

Today, “Tyrant” Tim Walz is using a Special Session in St. Paul to ram through a bad deal. Walz is packaging your taxpayer dollars into $260 million in political bribes for business owners to fall in line with his agenda

Bribes that will make up for less than 3 or 4 percent of the losses that business owners suffered and that Walz himself caused.

That is unacceptable.

Gov. Walz has been ruling Minnesota by executive order, commanding lockdowns across the state and grinding our economy to a halt. Unemployment skyrocketed, and small businesses closed down left and right while states like North Dakota remained opened and their economies boomedEven when Walz picked here and there at cutting back restrictions a clear trend emerged. Big box stores and well-connected businesses had a green light and few major restrictions, while small businesses struggled to follow the maze of red tape.  Especially on Black Friday! A day when you would have expected the control-hungry political Left to more tightly regulate larger stores. 

Radio Host Mitch Berg highlighted the point with photos showing a big box national outlet mall mobbed with Black Friday traffic while small businesses were left to suffer under Walz’s closure and maximum capacity rules.


Governor Walz MUST be held accountable for his actions

Under Minnesota's constitution, the State House of Representatives has the power - in fact the duty - to impeach Governor Walz when he violates his oath of office, as he has repeatedly done during this State of EmergencyThe State Senate will then hold a trial and vote to remove the Governor from office. The play is simple, but the politicians in St. Paul will not act unless they hear from you, because even your elected conservatives have trouble standing up to Walz.

If Minnesotans don’t comply, Walz says the beatings will continue. More Minnesotans will lose their jobs, more businesses will close, and the tragedies of substance abuse and depression will worsen.

The bad news for Walz is that Minnesotans will not comply

You've heard the stories of Jane and Larvita, two courageous businesswomen who are standing up to Walz’s unconstitutional shutdown of small restaurants. Attorney General radical Keith Ellison sued Jane’s BoardWalk Bar and Grill to lock their doors for good! Jane and Larvita are facing fines, court orders and jail time just for operating legal businesses. Walz and Ellison want to make examples out of the men and women who dare defy their will.

Is that something you can tolerate?

Will you let power-hungry liberals like Gov. Tyrant Tim Walz trample over your rights and then place the blame for a global pandemic on your feet?

Walz is making naked exercises of power -- power that is rightfully left in the hands of the legislature.

Walz is making his own law, and he’s using it to pick winners and losers.

Walz is ruling by decree, his rules are arbitrary virtue signals, and he must be stopped.

Walz must be impeached. 

Please pitch in $10, $5, or whatever you can afford monthly and join the Impeach Walz Task Force today!

Government cracks down on Patriots

It was only a matter of time…

Keith Ellison and his goon squad are out in full force against small businesses in Minnesota. The latest victim is Jane Moss, who bravely defied Governor Walz’ illegal and unconstitutional executive order banning indoor dining. 

We reported on Jane and her business reopening last week (read the story here). She was hardly open for a few hours before a Sheriff’s deputy came to stop her (image above)!

The thing is, Jane had no choice. She told the Grand Forks Herald that “...the Boardwalk, in her estimation, would not survive if Walz extended his order beyond the 18th, which he is widely expected to do.”.

More than 150 patriots have committed to opening their businesses in defiance of Governor Walz. The ReOpen Minnesota Coalition has been responsible for distributing pledges to Minnesota business owners who need to open in order to protect their livelihood. You can check out their Facebook page by clicking here. These businesses are expected to open in waves, the first of which being December 16th. What does the Governor have to say to these struggling business owners? 

Walz’ plan to get these businesses to comply is to pay them off with their own money. 

The legislature passed $217 Million worth of taxpayer dollars at the direction of Walz. The problem is, they are now shifting the cost of the lockdowns to YOU! Your tax dollars will be funding Governor Walz’ illegal shutdown!

The only way we can truly relieve businesses is if we end Walz’ powers, and open our economy! Do not let our politicians get away with shifting the cost to you!

Tell your representative to refuse Walz’ political bribes, and to end his emergency powers! 

Click here to find out who represents you, and how to contact them. 

Patriots Rightfully Stand Up and Defy Walz' Unconstitutional Orders


Though the legislature refuses to formally rescind Governor Walz’ illegal powers, Patriots around the state say they have had enough. 


Patriots like Larvita McFarquhar (click here to see her appearance on Fox News!) have opened their businesses to the public. Serving customers and building a livelihood is not a radical idea, and yet Larvita has been targeted and threatened by the State of Minnesota for standing up for her business. The state even went as far as revoking her food handling permit!


Luckily, the Southwest Health and Human Services had some common sense, and voted to reinstate Larvita’s license (Check out her response here). 

Though she has her permit back, the battle is far from over. Bring Me The News indicates that Larvita and her business may receive further pushback from the Attorney General’s office. Keith Ellison and his goons have already sued three small businesses, and indicated that they are ready to sue anybody who dares defy Walz' illegal orders. 


Larvita has been a shining example of how to stand up to tyranny, and Jane Moss of East Grand Forks took notice. 


Just minutes from the North Dakota border - where restaurants are free to serve food and drinks - Jane was ordered to keep her doors closed. The Grand Forks Herald reports that due to the shutdown, Jane’s bar has lost $150,000 in revenue that she will never get back!


On Wednesday, she announced that she had had enough. 


Risking threats of jailtime from the Attorney General’s office, Jane announced that her bar would be open to anyone who would like to be served. On Wednesday night, a sheriff’s deputy doing Walz’ bidding showed up to try and shut her down. Jane did not budge


While huge chain retailers and malls are allowed to remain open, small businesses and bars are struggling to make ends meet. Walz has single handedly shut down and killed our local economy, and appears willing to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. So much for “One Minnesota”.


The legislature could end all of this right now. As the Governor renews his tyrannical powers every 30 days, the MN House and Senate have the opportunity to vote against renewal. Last special session in November, neither the house nor the senate took up a vote. 


As of now, it appears one of the only fighters Minnesotans have in St Paul is Rep-Elect Erik Mortensen. Mortensen has used his newfound following to promote the stories of Larvita, Jane, and countless others. The only problem is, he will not be sworn in until January! Which legislators will be forcing a vote in this December special session?


Your Legislator has the opportunity to end this all on Monday. Without pressure from voters, the legislature may let Walz’ tyrannical powers continue for another 30 days!


Click here to find out who represents you, and how to contact them. When you call them, remember Patriots like Larvita and Jane, who stood up to Tyranny. When you call them, remind them that they work for everyday Minnesotans, NOT Governor Walz.

Why Won’t The Legislature End Walz’ Powers?

Have you noticed this odd trend?

Big-box stores remain wide-open while small businesses are closing left and right.

Larvita certainly has, and she’s doing something about it. She is refusing to comply.

As a mother of four hungry kids and owner of a restaurant, Haven’s Garden, Larvita already has her hands full.

And the quest of the Governor’s goons to bar her doors shut hasn’t made things any easier

In case you have been living under a rock, Walz has been running Minnesota by royal decree for most of the year.

His latest executive order banned dine-in service for bars and restaurants. 

Walz thinks he has the power to run Larvita’s business for her. To tell her what risks she can and can’t take. To restrict an entire state from choosing how to get its food.

Walz simply acted like he had the power and expected everyone to fall in line.

Larvita refuses.

She refuses to comply and explains that Walz’s action is “unlawful and unconstitutional”. 

Larvita opened her restaurant in rejection of the Governor's executive order.

Government bullies ordered Larvita to shut down. They revoked her food license and they’re demanding she pay fees for them to inspect her restaurant even further.

And now she is facing hefty fines, prison time, and the government goons are eager to arrest her. All for operating a legal business.

“Tyrant” Tim Walz and his cronies expected business owners like Larvita to roll over and let them rule by executive order. 

Now they expect her to back off with threats of imprisonment!

But instead Minnesota patriots are rallying to Larvita’s side and fighting back. They are refusing to comply with unconstitutional orders.

Jane, the owner of Boardwalk Bar and Grill in East Grand Forks, plans to open on Wednesday -- a direct rejection of Gov. Walz’s executive order. 

More businesses plan to open up with her. And even more on Friday. 

The resistance to Tim Walz’s reign is picking up major attention from Minnesota news outlets, and even national news channels like Fox News. 

But here’s the kicker, your Minnesota legislators are plugging their ears as they march to St. Paul for another Special Session.

Yet another renewal of Walz’ emergency powers needs a legislative vote, but I fear our representatives will not stand with us against Walz.

Earlier this year the measure to END Walz’ peacetime emergency powers passed the Senate 36 to 31!

But now they’re waffling. 

Not a single Minnesota Senator, Republican or DFL, has committed to vote against Walz’ emergency powers.

Even the conservative members are selling out to the establishment. They’re writing Walz a blank check to run roughshod over your rights. 

When so many Minnesotans are rising up to fight back against government tyranny, why are your elected officials warming the benches?

Pick up the phone and demand that your Senators commit to END Walz’ emergency powers at this special session. 

Use that link above to plug in your address and get the phone number for each legislator that represents you. Then contact them right away!

The good news is, this upcoming session is not the end of the line.

North Star Liberty Alliance’s voter information campaign reached hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans this year, and Conservative candidates knocked off a lot of liberal incumbents.

Those fresh conservatives take office in January and Alliance staff members are already seeing cause for celebration.

Incoming Representative Erik Mortensen plans to drop Impeachment papers against Gov Walz as soon as he’s sworn-in.

And insiders informed your Alliance that new legislators will support Ending Walz’ emergency powers, Impeaching Walz for his cold-hearted and unconstitutional executive orders, and getting Minnesota back to business in January.

You see, Walz is so far-gone he even wants to cancel Christmas

He’s planning new lockdowns to run through the holidays. Because Walz believes he knows what’s best for you and your family.

Americans can handle themselves safely and responsibly without government bullies treating them like cattle. 

And crucially, the Constitution recognizes that we the people have the ultimate power and authority over how we conduct our personal business.

Why won’t your sitting Senators call out Gov. Walz for violating this fundamental principle of American government?

Call or email your elected officials right away and demand they vote to End Walz’ emergency powers!

I fear that without patriots like you discipling the Senate they’ll backslide into following Gov Walz’s every word.

But every vote closer we get towards putting a stop to Gov. Walz this session builds more momentum for January when conservative reinforcements arrive.

And with patriot business owners like Larvita, Jane, and so many more standing up to fight back, the snowball is already rolling downhill and picking up speed.

Walz wants to cancel Christmas. We should cancel Walz instead.

Use this link to call your elected officials at once and demand they hold Walz accountable!

Justice Must be Served: Impeach Walz Now

How far would you go to protect your business, customers, and family? This is the question Larvita Mcfarquhar had to ask herself when the Sheriff's Deputy confronted her last week. 

After boldly defying the Governor’s illegal shutdown orders, and facing threats of fines and jail time from the Attorney General’s office, Larvita spoke up for her livelihood. She did not stop when the state unjustly revoked her food handling permit, and she won’t stop now. 

Larvita should be an example for struggling business owners everywhere. Minnesotans have had enough of heavy-handed government telling them how to be safe. Fortune reports that as of September, nearly 100,000 businesses nationwide have sunk, with many more on the way. If the radical leftists in St Paul have their way, our state economy will be far beyond repair. 

Governor Walz and Attorney General Ellison must be held accountable for enforcing their illegal and unconstitutional executive orders. Fighters like Rep-Elect Erik Mortensen have already committed to sponsoring articles of impeachment against the Governor. Is your representative on board?


Call or email your representative NOW! Ask them to pledge their support to impeaching Walz when the legislature meets in January.